Sophia was finally living her dream, running her own private investigations firm with her precognitive partner, Nikita Taylor. But when a killer begins targeting vampires, Sophia's older sister among them, the women will find themselves drawn into a web of supernatural intrigue and danger...

I call this story "Sophia Daniels and the Gospel of the Night"; entry three in Disturbly's Three-Way Challenge of DOOM. If you've viewed this without first looking at my profile or the other contenders, I'll reiterate the premise a final time: I've posted three stories (this, "Orthodox Legends", and "Those Who Flirt With Spirits"), and I'll continue whatever gets the most reviews or requests. The story will begin in the next chapter, btw; this page is only some miscellaneous info about it and its inception.

First of all, I should mention that it's written from first person. Really, I don't have a great degree of adroitness working from that perspective; this is only the second time I've made use of it, and I feel my first effort, "Strange and Senseless Wars", is a lot better (have you ever seen a plug so shameless?). Second, the protagonist is female, and I harbor doubts about my ability to write a convincing female lead. I'm a guy, and I barely understand the way our minds work... The other day one of my friends asked me if I wanted to watch a new porno he had just got, and I was like, "Maybe. But not with you in the same room." I mean seriously, what is with that, and guys going to strip clubs together. "Hey Bill, I'm going to go get really aroused; wanna join me?" What is up with us, anyway?

Damn, but that was off topic...

Anyway, the third issue with this is that it's a vampire story. Now I'll confess, I hate vampires. The archetype holds no particular appeal to me, and I consider fiction to be glutted with them. And yet, somehow, I seem to have read every single story and seen every movie about them ever made. From Sheridan Le Fanu's Carmilla to Trinity Blood. I've become some kind of scholar on the subject by shear accident; I read a mean of three books a week, and when you consider the size of the body of works on the subject, the law of averages alone dictates that I'd eventually become an expert on the Nightbreed, and that my supernatural stories would reflect that.

And so, a vampire story. This got its genesis when a scene came to me, wherein a living human was conversing with her vampire sister, and I more or less wrote the story around that. When stuff comes to me like that, the only way to get it out of my head is put it on the internet; everything beyond that was just a matter of framing a story around it. I also used to opportunity to make use of a few writing techniques I've encountered in books on writing fiction, and here you go.

The title of this, by the way, was of course structured the way that J. K. Rowling titles the Harry Potter series; I couldn't think of a particularly good Hunter S. Thompson quote, or an esoteric reference to psychology/ hermeticism/ etc., so I just went with it. But what you may not be aware of is that the phrase "gospel of the night" was taken from an excellent story by ficpress's own Solemn Coyote, his "The Only God on the Windowsill". Being enamored with it, I asked and received permission to borrow it; I'm not sure whether this has ever happened before, one amateur author on working in an homage to another. This may be history in the making. But no, it's probably not.

And on that note, I invite you to turn to the next chapter, and give the story a read.