Well, here's "Those Who Flirt with Spirits", entry one in Disturbly's Three-Way Challenge... of DOOM! The other contenders are "Sophia Daniels and the Gospel of the Night", and "Orthodox Legends"; full details of the contest can be found on my profile, and overviews of the other stories are within those posts. This space is just some sundry information on this story in particular.

Let's see, what is there to say? First of all, the genesis of this story occurred in my reading on teenage Satanism. I came across the phrase "adolescent legend trip", a term used to describe teenagers testing myths about local haunted sites by trying to provoke spirits or demons, as a kind of initiation ceremony. Apparently, misinformed professionals often mistake these activities and their aftermath for satanic rituals. The phrase stuck with me for a while, along with a few other ideas, and this happened.

The protagonist, Kay, got her name from the fact that in the first... oh, twenty or thirty stories I read in the "Supernatural", "Horror", or "Fantasy" sections of this site, the authors had named their protagonists that. Seriously. I don't understand the trend per se, but I figured I might as well follow it anyway. I don't know where the bandwagon's going, but I thought I'd go ahead and jump on...

All locations in this story are fictional. The name "Hawthorne High School" was suggested by my sister, when I couldn't think of a name myself. It is of course a play on the name of the band "Hawthorne Heights"; when she suggested it, my sister cringed, expecting violence... I hate emo. I hate that band. She knows these things. But coincidently, I also hated high school, so I thought it worked.

The title is a quote from Kohta Hirano's Hellsing; not to spoil it, but the full quote was "Those who presume to flirt with spirits are fated to join them." In its context, it was given as a synopsis of Carl Maria Von Webber's Der Freishutz, which I've yet to have a chance to view for myself. Just a random fact about this story's creation.

Hm... That's all you really need to know. So without further ado, allow me to humbly present "Those Who Flirt with Spirits". The story begins in the following chapter.