I was young and golden eyed
I dreamed of worlds beyond your eyes
And I grew up and found it all

I was captured in my golden glow
I dreamt of a job like the one I have now
And I dreamt of a life like I've got

I lived in those castles floating in air
The cliché we've all heard before
I lived in those dreams and wanted them so
And worked and achieved ever more

And now I am living my dreams to the full
And now I've got all that I want
And now I struggle and work and I dream
And yet it's still just not enough.

The castle on air floated down to the earth
And the sparkle went out of the flame
I guess you can say when you live in your dream
It's like it's still just the same

The world still has shades
And the world still moves on
And I work and I struggle
I push farther on

But when I get old I will fly once again
I will live in a dream in a castle of sand
And all will be perfect and all will be well
I'll laugh of myself
And I'll dream once more
And I'll cry of how stupid I am