Welcome to Writings from the Black Lagoon 2: From the Depths of Daybooks. First up are revised poems from the summer. The originals can be found in the collection Summer Octagon. Next up, the playwriting unit. That will include short exercises and a ten-minute one-act play at the end.

Inspired to making an inappropriate laugh stand out more than it already does.

A Minute of Spy Movie

tick tock

defuse -
cut the wires
or none of us
will see tomorrow

tick tock

sobwailscream and pray; dear god, let me live who will take care of my babies grab
the person next to you and hugkissbe think of all the things you never had time to
do and do them frantic phone calls "I love you"s exchanged between estranged
couples murmur sweet nothings into deaf ears live like it's going out of style


life crisis for
these people,
another day
in the office
for you:

cubicles never
did you justice