on that fateful drearyrainy
when you had picked up,
had surely gone:
(I swear)
the ground cracked open, and
fire spewed out, scorching and scarring everything
(the greenery!)
and demons crawled up from the newly formed chasm and spread
the dank, the dimness, the destruction,
and Death and Famine and Pestilence and War rode on
(on on on on)
past the beast with the
(one one) thousand (two one thousand)
the Babylonian whore slunk forth,
breasts bared,
legs wet,
body distracting and
eyes deceiving,
and (good Christ!) there were more sixes than I knew what to do with:
they blacked out the sky,
the sun,
the stars,
and it was dark (like fucking midnight)
and I couldn't see anything good or righteous or happy anywhere anymore.
I never can when I'm lonely;
I never can when I'm without you.

and then you came
(and the angels sang)
and all was calm,
all was good.