Yet another assignment from my English class. Hope you like it!

My Creation

The sharp, jagged metal pierced through the skin almost too easily. I sawed away, in a current of different movement to achieve my desired shape. Two circles, ever so delicately carved, with one long crescent moon. Slimy guts spilled freely from the penetration, hanging out and swinging slightly back and forth, like a pendulum. I created a masterpiece, so intricately beautiful, and at the same time, horrifying. Once again my stained, dexterous hands went to work, carving a jagged zigzag-like pattern. Hollowing out the cavern, I carelessly tossed aside the gooey insides to the filthy, concrete ground. My sharp nails scratched and slashed at the empty sides, to make sure everything was completely barren, the flesh becoming stuck beneath my fingernails. Moments later, I placed a lit candle inside the stomach of my deformed victim, the blaze dancing magically. Dazzling streams of light infiltrated from the glowing eye sockets and sardonic smirk, my own lips curling to match the satirical countenance. At long Jack-O-Lantern was complete.