Chapter Four-As Expected

Fiona left the school building with an air of relief. The first week of school was over and she'd survived. Thinking about that, it wasn't terribly much to be relieved about, but it was something.

"Hey, Fiona!" Fiona turned around to see Den walking quickly to catch up to her. She turned around to wait for him.

"Yes, Den? What's up?"

"Does something need to be up?" He gave her a crooked smile.

"Not really."

"Well, actually... I was kind of serious about that movie that I asked you to go to the other day? If I ask you for real will you come?"

"Which movie?"

He said the name of a movie she'd never heard of. That wasn't too surprising; Fiona wasn't big on movies and didn't generally follow which ones had just come out. But did the movie matter? She liked hanging out with Den.

"Yeah, sure, I'll come."

"Well, I'll pick you up at seven tomorrow then. See you Fi." And he was gone.

Seven on Saturday rolled around quickly. Fiona had pulled on some clothes and a little bit of lip gloss and mascara. She looked the same as she looked everyday, but she was just hanging out with Den, even if it was at a movie, and anyway her everyday clothes were a notch above everyone else's.

She was ready by five minutes to seven and she hung around the door, knowing Den would be on time. He was, and he walked to her door to pick her up, leaving his car stopped illegally at the curb. Her street was never busy, though, so it probably wasn't a problem.

Den looked nice. He was wearing a button down shirt instead of a t-shirt in a red that looked great with his hair. He'd left on his jeans, though, so he didn't look terribly dressy, but Fiona was glad that she's opted for earrings anyway. She wondered if Den thought this was a date. That hadn't been her intention in accepting.

They chatted amiably on the way to the theater. Fiona always had stuff to say to Den. It was one of the things she liked about him, or about their friendship. There were a lot of things she liked about him, though.

She was a little taken aback when he paid for her ticket. Definitely a date then. Why was Den taking her out on a date? Did he like her? Or was this a pity thing? Had he found out about Caden? But that wasn't Den's style. If he'd found out he'd be trying to cheer her up, but he wouldn't do so by offering himself as a substitute.

Her thoughts were whirling as they sat down. Caden wasn't going to go out with her. He had Roisin, and they were in love. Would there be anything so terrible about going out with Den? If it weren't for Caden, would she have thought of that a long time ago?

She let her head drift to rest on Den's shoulder. Contact between them wasn't infrequent, but she had the feeling that on this would-be date it would be more significant than normal. And that was how she wanted it. Pining over Caden would get her nowhere. She was out on a date with a wonderful guy, a wonderful friend, the sort of person she could love, and she would be a fool not to take advantage of it.

Driving home the conversation was a little more awkward. Fiona could feel the tension building up, not in the words themselves, which felt as they always had, but in the air in the car, in the way her muscles felt, in the way Den's hands kept clutching the wheel just a tiny bit too tightly and then forcing themselves to loosen. She was almost relieved when they got to her house, and pulled on her light jacket quickly and made as though to open the car door.

"Good night, Den. Thanks for taking me."

"Fiona-" He didn't finish what he was saying, if indeed he had been starting to say something at all. His hands were on her shoulders, turning her to face him, and then his lips were on hers, tentative at first and then a little more forceful, but still gentle underneath the way he was gentle, through and through. It seemed natural to press her tongue to his lips to try and meet with his, natural to feel them tangling together and to run to hands through his hair. She was used to touching him, and him to her, although not like this, and their closeness was normal, comfortable, but exciting at the same time, and she could feel the tingling building in her stomach as the kiss deepened.

He broke away. "Fiona-" he started to say again, and then, "good night."

She got out of the car and walked back to her house.

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