Act One, Scene One:

Maureen is shown getting off a bus, walking down a fairly suburban area. She continues walking to the music of "Learn to Crawl" By Black Lab. She enters the student Center of San Jose City College. The music fades into the sounds of people chatting and playing pool. She walks up to a group of particularly rowdy people. They all turn and look at her in an inquisitive manner.

MAUREEN: What's up peoples?

MARKUS: What's with the hair? (Pointing at Maureen's head)

MAUREEN: What Mark? You don't like it?

MARKUS: Dude, Maureen, it's whore-house red.

MAUREEN: Fuck you.

ANNA: I like it. Makes you look very unique.

MAUREEN: Thanks.

MARKUS: Anna's just being nice. It makes you look hella pale.

MAUREEN: Well, I was tired of being blonde anyway.

MARKUS: After you said that you were tired of being brunette.

MAUREEN: And besides, I wanted to try out for this semester's play.

ANNA: What is it?

MAUREEN: Little Red Riding Hood-apparently it has a "new and unique twist." (Makes quotes with her fingers) I'm going to be Little Red Riding Hood, of course.

ANNA: Only if you control you motor mouth. You sound like a speeding record player.

MAUREEN: Shut up. At least I don't sound like I'm twelve years old.

ANNA: At least I don't act like I'm twelve years old!

MAUREEN: Quiet you!

MARKUS: They're probably going to bring in a little kid to play the part. And besides, you picked the wrong shade of red- she is supposed to be innocent, not a whore.

Maureen grabs some nearby guy's book and throws it at Markus' head. The scene cuts to the beginning of Act one, Scene Two.