early fall fireflies: 10/4/07

driving through town with you
in early fall & they're spreading
out into the night like waves at
low tide

diffusing out of the church with
tiny lights like fireflies in the
tops of trees in the bowels of a
balmy summer night

& there are smiles on their faces

& we're singing louder as life
pushes along with the charcoal
road before us

& there's a glow coming from
these early fall fireflies &
there's warmth shining on our
faces, so eager in the night.

the wood beneath our bodies
the grainy dew upon our feet

& we're running through the
cold grass at dusk, the shadows
grasping at us as we pass

& nothing chases after me as we
speed away because you're here

tangled up in the backseat with
your head on my stomach &
the world, so fragile as it rises
& falls with each breath

& your hair is in my fingers
& our legs are twisted vines

your eyes are the stars burning
brightest on the brave horizon

& we control the sunrise
& we control the tides

& this time, i'll be fine.