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A Sinner's Reprieve


(Epilogue in some of Seiji's view.)

I'm standing here watching as Liam and his new wife ride off in a fancy car, holding each other closely and warmly in the tightest embrace that I've ever seen in my whole entire life; they kiss each other upon the lips as they round the corner, and on the inside, I smirk a little at the thought that I stole at least ten kisses from Liam before his wife probably even got five. It's a brand new day, and people are leaping around and screaming and going nuts, through confetti and then as the car leaves, they all just turn back into drone-like boring people like they once were.

Can you believe that it's been only three years? I'm twenty years old now and I'm now living alone in an apartment that was once the home of the person who saved me from myself. I probably wasn't going to see my savior for a while, but that was okay. As long as he was enjoying himself with the new life he was starting, I was happy too. (But I can still tell you this, I was jealous as hell when I saw them both kissing each other after they were officially married. I kept imagining myself in that dress and kissing Liam. God, if only dreams would come true.)

"Hey, you guys, I know the happily gay couple is gone and all, but aren't we going to have an after party or something to celebrate more?" I turn to look at a group of bewildered people, who give me a look that tells me that they don't know what the hell I'm talking about.

"After party? Dude, we don't have AFTER PARTIES after weddings."

"Well, how about we change that and go partying. What do you say?" I winked at one of the guys who I continuously flirted with (as a joke though) and he gave me a wide eyed looking, cringing a little. "Uh, no man. I'm tired and I need to have a drink on my own. I just lost one of my party buddies to a girl now, so I'm going to go act emo about it. See ya later. And don't molest Ozu, okay?"

He gave me the evil eye as he walked over to the parking lot towards his car, and Ozu followed in pursuit since he was so afraid to be around me. Everyone else began to leave, leaving me as the only one standing there. Bored, I just shrugged and starting walking down the street towards my new special apartment, adjusting my tie and the rest of my suit. (I thought I looked pretty hot.)

My hair isn't as long as it use to be, but the hair on the nape of my neck is still quite long, although I had it cut just a few weeks ago. My bangs are still long, but not long enough to block out my eyesight all the time like it use to do when I was fifteen years old.

I've changed in more ways than I thought I would.

I've accepted the fact that I was officially, well, gay. I always told myself around the time when I started sleeping around with my father that I was strictly bisexual and that sooner or later, I would be back to being with girls again. I have had an attraction to girls since the last time I went to school. Of course, I still agree that their beautiful and all (and once in a while I flirt with girls to make them swoon and get out of things), but my orientation is boys now.

Thanks a lot Dad.

You turned me gay.

But then again, thanks for the good memories.

And I hate you for the bad memories.

I'm over dwelling over the things that happened when I was younger, but once in a while I find myself thinking about the only reason why I was here now. I could probably hang out with my cousins like I use to, but now that I was a little apprehensive about seeing them, I dared not think about it. Of course, lately, there have been times where I've actually felt like going back home and seeing how everyone is doing. But I always remember what I did and shy away from the thought.

Maybe in a few months, I could see what I can do.

My mother apologized to me and told me that she loved me and forgave me.

She spoke to me through I dream that I had a year ago. I can't remember much, but I just know that she was apologizing to me and telling me that I didn't have to do the things that I had done just to make myself feel better. I forgave her, and she forgave me. I think I woke up crying after I had that dream, and peace wasn't the only thing I gained from that dream.

Lately, I've noticed something strange.

I could hear things, but I can't tell where there coming from. . . I'm not going to automatically say that I have the power now to hear people's thoughts, but you know it's something to ponder right? I have a feeling that this came from either almost dying, rather than have that dream of my mother. It probably just hadn't taken it's affects until now.

But, enough of that talk.

I open the door to my new apartment and collapse onto the couch, turning on the television like a lazy bum and scratching my stomach, my urge for food starting to rise. (I eat a lot.) I find myself watching a scene in a soap opera where a man's wife just found out that he had a male lover on the side, and I try not to laugh as I thought about my situation a few years ago. It was kind of nothing more than a laughing matter now to me. My thoughts trail on to think about the times I had with my father, and then with my mother, and then finally my little brother.

I had seen him just recently.

Well, saw a picture of him.

He's apart of some dorky team thing that goes around and competes with other schools in Japan. I was skipping through the newspaper and noticed his face immediately; he had actually grown up. He was probably about. . . I would say fourteen years old now? Because his birthday comes before mine. He looked exactly like my mom, except he was just a male version with short hair. He looked nothing like my father; the only feature he had of him was the structure of his face, but many people wouldn't pay attention to that.

I miss my brother.

I sometimes wonder what he's like now.

Is he bitter and cold?

Is he like he use to be, but sometimes sad?

Or has he put it in his past like me?

I get bored of watching television, so I shut it off and leave the house again, still in my suit. I lock the door quickly behind me and start walking down the street, staring silently at the busy world around me.

Now, the only thing that I need is a mate.

I've had a few since I met Liam, but they never really worked out well.

And I really can't concentrate much about going out with people now because I'm going to college. But I really feel the need to meet someone now. I'm not scared to fall in love any more, nor am I afraid of my sexual orientation that much. To make it simple, I just want myself a cute little boyfriend that I can abuse (and when I mean abuse, I mean abuse him in a fun, nice away) and cling to as much as possible.

Now, all I need to do is find that boyfriend of mine.

Unconsciously, my feet froze in my footsteps as I came among a family in the park enjoying their day together. Strangely enough, it was a mother and father and two little boys. What made even stranger was that one boy had blonde hair, and the other had dark, jet black hair. (It was just like me and my brother.) They screamed and shouted happily as they played with their parents, hugging them and snickering as they horsed around.

I sighed a little.

I remember when I use to play like that with Mom and Dad and Shiro when I was about nine years old. Shiro was only four years old.

Man, I really wish everything was happy like it use to be.

But I don't let the thought of the past get to me, so I continue to walk down the road slowly, examining different men to see who my next target was for flirting. (I'm desperate for love.)

I've made up my mind.

Living is way better than being six feet under with a few others that couldn't take the pain.

Death can kiss my ass.

I have a lot of things I want to do in life before that soul reaper comes back for me.

And I'm going to make sure that nothing stops me from my goals, not even that cute little brown haired guy standing on the sidewalk that reminded me of myself when I was younger. (A/N: He is a hopeless flirt.) I fix my clothing up a bit and start to saunter over to him, preparing to act as if I was apart of a host club.

Because after all-

All you need is someone to love to heal the tenderness that burdens your heart.


I hope you guys didn't expect for this to be awesomely long, because we all know what happens in the epilogue—most people run out of ideas. Not that I was out of ideas, but you know, usually epilogues are the shortest parts of a story. So, this ends A Sinner's Reprieve. I really felt the need to put 'See ya next time, space cowboy' but I would totally be ripping off a show if I were to say that. (Most of you should know what I'm talking about if you use to watch Adult Swim back in the early 2000.) I just stuck with my usual ending phrase, Owari, which pretty much means 'the end' in Japanese.

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