"Mystery Man" led me back towards the bar, considering that was the only place where you could actually see. When he stopped walking he turned to face me with an unreadable expression on his face. I still couldn't place where I knew him from. He was wearing a black beanie on his head so I couldn't see his hair and a pair of wire-rimmed glasses on, but no matter where we went in this club I still couldn't get a good look at his face.

"Um...thanks..for that back there." I said to him with a grateful smile. He didn't say anything, just nodded to me in acknowledgement. The way he was acting I figured he was just going to leave, but he didn't move and his eyes didn't move from my face. I was starting to get uncomfortable and I could feel my face heating up in a blush.

Then he smiled at me. I knew that smile, it was permanently engraved in my head after last night. "Aiden?" I asked disbelievingly. I must be imagining things.

His smile widened, "The one and only! So you do remember!" he said laughing slightly, his bright blue eyes were boring into mine behind his glasses.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him with a small smile. "I figured you would be trying to hide from your fan club."

He laughed, "Well, that's what the disguise is for!" he whispered like it was some big secret, pointing to the hat. He smiled, "We had a few days left here so the band and I figured we would take a break while we can and just chill."

I nodded, "But then again you can't really get much peace and quiet around here." I said motioning to the booming music.

He laughed, "True. True." He leaned against the side of the bar, watching me. "So, what about you? You don't seem like the type of girl that would be at this type of place." Hah! He had no idea how right he actually was!

I shrugged, "I'm here against my will."

He nodded, "That makes more sense." he said grinning.

I would never in my life dream that I would be sitting here joking around like this with Aiden. Especially after I basically ditched him last night. He was treating me like we had known each other our whole lives. As we were standing there, a blonde girl with a too short skirt and and extremely low cut shirt walked up to Aiden and basically threw herself at him, pushing me out of the way.

"Hey baby...wanna dance?" I heard her yell over the music. I sighed. He probably wants to go with her and get drunk...you know, the usual rack star stuff: sluttly girls and lots of alchohal.

I locked eyes with Aiden and with a small wave and an even smaller smile in his direction I started walking away. I knew it was to good to be true. He probably just wanted a hook up or something and I for one was not that kind of girl, but now he had one girl that was most likely willing to do anything with him. So he could go ahead and forget about me. I started to squeeze my way through the crowds of dancing people in search of Nikki, but all of a sudden someone grabbed my arm.

"Hey! wait just a second there." someone said into my ear. I turned around and saw Aiden smiling at me. I raised my eyebrows in curiousty, shouldn't he be over there with that other girl? What in the world was so special about me that he keeps wanting to talk to me? Before I could say anything to him he spoke again, "Can we talk?"

"Umm..." Wasn't that what we were just doing? What else could he possibly say? It's not like we were friends or anything. I just shrugged, "I guess."

He smiled widely, "Okay...follow me." He said taking my hand and leading me toward the door. Pulling my cell phone out of my pocket I quickly texted Nikki and told her what was going on so she wouldn't panic if she couldn't find me.

Aiden soon lead me out of the club, and I have to admit my heart was beating widely in my chest. I'm not sure if it's from the fact that he is holding my hand or that he's basically a complete stranger and I might be putting my self in some serious danger. He took me to a bench close to the door of the club, but far enough away so I could actually hear what he was saying and no one would mess with us. We sat there for about 5 minutes in silence. He looked like he was struggling with what he was going to say so I didn't want to interrupt him. I looked down and blushed slightly when I realized we were still holding hands. Aiden looked down also and when he saw where I was looking, he quickly let go. I noticed a small blush appear on his face too.

He let out an awkward laugh before saying, "Well...umm...what I wanted to talk about was...umm..." He took his hat off and ran his hand through his jet black hair nervously. What could he possibly have to say to me that's making him so nervous?

He sighed, "Okay...I'll be honest with you...ever since I talked to you yesterday after the concert...I...I haven't been able to stop thinking about you." he said looking into my eyes.

Wow. That's the only word to explain how I was feeling right now. I was sitting there like a statue, staring at the ground like it was the most interesting thing in the world at that moment.

Aiden sat back with another sigh, "I don't know why...I mean, I've know I only met you yesterday...but...I've never felt like this with any other girl." he paused, "You probably think I'm making all this up just so I can get in your pants or something...but I swear I'm not!" he groaned, "I bet you think I'm a freak now."

Okay...this is seriously a dream now...did he really just say that? I looked up at him with wide eyes. He looked down at the ground embarressed. My heart felt like it was going crazy in my chest as I finally found my voice. "I...I dont know what to say." I stuttered.

"I know this is kinda weird...because we just met and everything..." he muttered still looking down. Thank you Captain Obvious! "I'm not asking for you to go out with me or anything...I don't want to pressure you like that...but I was thinking maybe while I'm in town and you're in town...we could hang out some time?"

Oh my god! Aiden Faillor just asked me out. Was this really happening? I closed my eyes and pinched my arm. Okay this is just a dream...when I open my eyes I'm gonna be waking up back in the hotel room. 1...2...3...I opened my eyes and Aiden was still sitting there...and he was grinning at me, obviously he knew what I was doing. I smiled at him, "That sounds like fun."

He wasn't shy anymore now that he knew that I wasn't going to run away from him. His smile widened if that was possible, "Great!" he put his arm around my shoulders and kissed my cheek while I blushed crimson. "So...what would you want to do tommorrow anyway? I take it your not a big fan of clubs?" he asked after a few minutes.

I laughed slightly, "Uh not really." I shrugged, "But I'm not sure...what's there to do in New York City?"

His eyes widened from surprise, "You've never been to New York City before?"

I shrugged somewhat embarressed, "No...I've never even been this far up north before."

Aiden smiled, "Well then...tommorrow I'll pick you up at your hotel and I'll take you on a tour of the city...sound good?"

I smiled widely, "Yeah, that sounds like fun!" I said to him excitedly. All of a sudden my phone started buzzing in my pocket and I jumped. "Woah!" I said surprised as I dug it out of my pocket. "Heh...sorry!" I apologized to Aiden as I flipped open the phone and read the text message from Nikki.

'Where are you? I'm ready to call it a night...well day. hahaha!.' I sighed, not really wanting to leave just yet, but after seeing it was 3 in the morning I decided Nik was right.

I felt Aiden looking at the screen over my shoulder as he asked, "Need to leave?"

I looked up at him with a small frown and nodded, "Yeah...she's ready to head back. I better go." I said standing up and closing my phone after I replied to the message.

"Okay." Aiden stood up also and grabbed my phone from my hand. I watched curiously as he typed in numbers on the keypad. "Here," he said handing it back to me, "That's my number. Call me when you get back to your hotel, alright?"

I smiled at him, "Okay."

He smiled back, "And don't forget!" he said laughing slightly. "Come on, let's go find this friend of yours." he said taking my hand again, but before we could take even one step Nikki walked out of the building. She scanned the sidewalk and finally looked our way.

"Ivy?" she yelled out in surprise and started walking toward me and Aiden. "Who's this?" she asked with a smirk when she saw our intertwined hands.

I blushed and let go of his hand, "Nikki...uh this is Aiden. Aiden...Nikki." I introduced them. I was just waiting for the outburst from Nikki when she realized who it was. 5...4...3...2...1.

"Nice to meet ...you...Ohmygod! You're Aiden Faillor!" she screamed after she got a good look at him. "Ohmygod Ivy! Why didn't tell me you knew Aiden Faillor? When did you guys meet? Ah! Oh my gosh! when did...?"

"Nikki!" I yelled cutting her off. "I'll tell you later...Let's just go." I turned to Aiden, "I'll see you tomorrow then?" I asked him with a smile. He seemed to still be in shock from Nikki's flow of questions.

Turning to me, he laughed slightly, "Of course. Bye Ivy...bye Nikki." he said with a small wave as he walked back into the club.

When he disappeared through the doors, Nikki turned to me with an expectant look. "Okay...tell me everything!" she demanded as she hooked her arm with mine and we started down the street. On the way to the hotel I filled her in on everything. From the night of the concert to what happened with that Tristan guy to what Aiden said to me word for word. Okay, I know I sound like a lovestruck puppy, but I'm not that dense. I know that there is a huge possibility that the only reason Aiden wants to go out with me is because he wants to get into my pants, so I'll just have to keep my guard up. I'm just hoping that's not really the case, but still...you never know. On the way to the hotel I also had to listen to Nikki scolding me for not telling her I had met Aiden in the first place. Let's just say I felt like a little kid that had been caught in the cookie jar.