is where you can see the words from your mind as you look at an object
even when your fingers seem to freeze up
you still manage to write and write what comes to mind
in a blur of insane movement and words spilling from fingers.

is where you see one person and your heart seems to explode
in the happiest way possible
and every letter, every word is treasured
and every moment lasts a lifetime when you're under their spell.

is the only thing that will ever be something only no one and everyone can ever know
if the words tumble from lips as horrible lies and every ear can notice the slip
but they just don't want to see the reality
of the lies and lives and beliefs.

is just a truth waiting to be proved innocent
something that will always be there until it's not
and then the wonder and amazement as you wait and wait to realize what's never been
is always there.

is something words can never explain, and words are the only thing that can explain it
as a tear falls down a mother's face
and a giggle escapes a child's lips
and a scream echoes throughout the night.

is two hands bound together by a simple connection
and giggling at night up so late for a childhood
and the muffled laughter of two adults as they discuss all of the world
two or a million smiles and tears and life shared in one single love.

is the words on paper and the words on mind, touching souls
where there is flow and emotion and devotion and tears and love
the bleeding of a thousand pieces of pictures of innocence
the heart and mind and soul and tears of a single person's love and heartbreak and addiction.

is that feeling that is indescribable, unexplainable
when you feel as if you're floating and you love and breathe and laugh
and you never want to leave and you never want to stay the same
where you love freely and live life alive.

is forever and always, a decision that will rival the least trivial and always beat out life
it is a bullet running through a head or heart, inscribed with the name of a reason
it is blood dripping from wrists, or the white of the pills where they rest in a bloodstream
it affects everyone and affects no one, a domino effect that one flick will send everything flying.