Hey! This is just a random little thing I decided to write on my way to school, to get my mind off of some crappy things that have been happening to me these past few months. I tried to upload some chapters for Incest: It's All Relative, but something's wrong with my computer, because it only uploads half of the chapter. I'll try to fix it soon. Promise. Anyway, enjoy this random little thing. These are all real friends of mine. I had them give me reasons.

I Love My Boyfriend/Girlfriend Because…
Chapter One: Miki and Adam


I love my boyfriend because…

He has man-crushes

He gives me his jacket when I'm cold, even if he's wearing a T-shirt underneath.

He loves my baby girls like they're his own.

He calls me out on my bitching.

He doesn't care if I get mad; he tells me exactly what he thinks.

He's sexy.

But most of all, I love my boyfriend because…

He does stupid things with me.


I love my girlfriend because…

She's crazy

She is an amazing, kind and loving mother

She doesn't laugh (too hard) at my insane fear of spiders

She's the most beautiful person in the world to me

She has a stunning heart and amazing capacity to love

She is the complete opposite of me

But most of all, I love my girlfriend because…

For ten years, I've wanted and been in love with only her and she finally decided to give me a chance.

Miki and Adam have been together since July 2006. They started going out on on her birthday. They were childhood best friends before Miki moved to London, England after her parents' divorce, and met again when she moved to France last year, at eighteen. She has two twin girls from a previous relationship, Gueneviere and Artemis, and Adam adores them.