TheBratMan`s Second Open Letter to the Christians.

It is funny who people change. This letter is an example. I wrote it back in 2007, and that was when I was still pretty angry with the world (who many teenage aren't angry). I was still convinced that Christians are evil and that the atheism was the brave new future. How wrong could I have been?

On the first paragraph I still believe, there are people still out there that believe that Atheism is a bad thing, and that it is something to be stopped. But for every Christian that believes the atheism is wrong, there is bound to be a hundred more would disagree with that one person idea. I think that most Atheists and Christian want to move on with their lives peacefully.

The second paragraph, I have to admit I made some assumption. There has been Christians out there that have sinned. But the whole idea of being a Christian is for them to admit they have made mistakes. You cannot just confess, you also have to mean what you say, and it has to be shown through your actions after you confessed. People who say they are going to go to heaven just because they are Christian, but do not act like a Christian, its people like that what gives Christianity a bad name. You have to do what you preach.

The third paragraph, I mentioned about an incident that happened. Many people that have replied to this letter have said that I had most likely made this up. However, I would like to clear things up that this did happen. However, I might have not helped the situation. At that point, I was trying to prove them wrong. That was a big mistake. If I can remember, I got angry at them. I don't think they were trying to get me to convert, but I did remember them talking to each other about how they didn't understand evolution. I think I tried to explain evolution, but I don't think they were all that interested. They had made their minds up already. Maybe this incident occurred because of misunderstandings? Could it have ended another way? I am not too sure. From what I wrote, I seemed very angry about it.

And for the last paragraph, I mentioned about being picked on because I was an atheist. Did I put a target on my back? Are Christians really like that, and don't want to admit it? Or was it all part of my imagination? People are still shocked when they realise that I don't believe in God. They ask me why, and I just reply, "I just don't". It makes me wonder if Christians actually do believe that Atheism is a threat and must be defeated. Do they really believe that we came from Satan? I know that there was a poll taken in American. The question was "Who would you least likely to vote for in an election?" and the highest score was an Atheist. Do people hate Atheists that much?

I don't know what response I will get from this. All I am saying is my opinion on thing, and as we have seen with my original letter, people change. Could I disagree with everything I say today in another four years time? People strangely believe that atheism is offensive to them. Maybe we are the perfect scapegoat? And finally, maybe all these hateful Christians are really atheists but don't want to admit, and us atheists are really Christian, and are too afraid to say we believe in God, or else our friends wills start calling us goodie goods.

To conclude, we all change. Anyone that don't change, have not learnt anything. I am most likely to write third letter in another four years times saying that I don't agree with anything I have just written. If that is so, I cannot wait to write a follow up in 2015. Until then, I will like to say goodbye.

Regards, Benry (5 Feb. 11).

PS: This is an open letter, so feel free to post whatever you like.