But let's face it, tomorrow is just as sure as today. So open your eyes just for a moment…

-Avant Pop

The silence after the first song ends and before the second begins, cool and liquid and patient, is like a hiccup; the sudden hush of a room of people is expectant and hesitant like a Christmas Eve-child; the silence that comes between breaths, a never-ending silence that dies away more quickly than desert shadows, the silence before a panic: unsure, terrified, breathy, the silence after a sound, a big sound, a shocked, ringing silence, the sound of an ending, fresh and satisfied and sleepy, the sound of a beginning, like an earthquake, like a flood, like broken skin and welling blood. The beginning of time, the beginning of thoughts, the beginning of God, in the beginning there was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The beginning of life, of beauty, of pain, of forever, the hoping for forever, the despair of forever, the unforgivable length of forever, the shortness of eternity, the soft-spoken energy of eternity, of truth, of soft silken sin, the pressing, aching feeling of light when your eyes first meet the morning, the feeling of terror, ripping and tense and screaming, of laughter, of a butterfly's torn wing, the feeling of silence, pure, peaceful silence, forget-me-not silence, the feeling of this silence on your skin, like metal, like air, like summer, like snow, like broken sin, like redeeming prayer.