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How Egg and Cheese Came to be

Once upon a time, there was a princess named Egg. She was locked in her room all day and all night because her parents were evil. The only people she was allowed to see were the servants, and she only had one. His name was Cheese, and he had loved her ever since the first time he saw her. But, consumed by her grief over the fact that she couldn't see anyone, she ignored him. One day, while Cheese was washing Egg's dishes, she came up to him crying. He was instantly to her side, trying to comfort her. He asked her what was wrong, and she replied, "I've never had any friends in my life, I don't care that I'm a princess, I want to be normal! Either that or I want to die!" Cheese's heart broke at hearing the princess's words- she was miserable, and just that made him miserable, too. Then, Cheese got an idea.

"Egg!" he said, "I'll help you escape! There's a place through the servants corridors that leads outside!"

Egg sniffed, responding. "But people will surely see us."

Cheese shook his head, countering, "If I take you at night, everyone will be asleep."

Egg pulled away from Cheese, smiling a bit. "Ok, Cheese, I guess no harm can be done. Wake me tonight when everyone's asleep, and we'll go."

That night, when everyone was asleep, Cheese woke Egg. She got out of bed and dressed in boy commoner clothes. Cheese took her hand, leading her through dark hallways and staircases, until, finally, they were greeted with the night's cool breeze. Egg looked around herself in awe, admiring the beauty of all the things she'd never seen before in her life. Cheese took her to a cave he had found and set up two beds, one for him and one for her. Egg blushed as she sat on hers, looking down. "Thank you, Cheese. I don't know what I'd do without you. How could I possibly thank you?"

Cheese smiled. "Your happiness is thanks enough."

Egg smiled, going to sleep. When she woke up in the morning, Cheese had made them breakfast. She thanked him and ate it.

Then, Cheese stopped eating, and took the princess's hands. "Egg, I love you."

Egg's heart blossomed, for she knew that she had always loved Cheese, just never realized it. "I love you, too, Cheese!" Cheese was ecstatic, and kissed Egg. Later on in the day, Egg's parents realized their wrongdoing, and because they no longer had their beloved child, killed themselves. The whole kingdom was happier now that the evil rulers were dead, and Egg and Cheese were together forever.