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I sighed as I looked into the mirror; still using it even though I've long since memorized my own face as it hasn't changed for over fifty years. Exactly seven months after I met Him I stopped aging and I suppose I stopped living too. It is very hard to watch every one around you die as you stay young. After a while you realize you have to leave to start a new life. That's what I did. I've done that exactly five times now. I always try to stay close to home to watch my family to protect them but there are only so many places you can live without being recognized.

I remember everything, all the roles leading up to me becoming what I am now and me having to do what I do now how I met Him and what he did to me. The night I first met him was both the best and worst thing that had ever happened to me. It ruined my life for forever and believe me forever is a very long time, I would know.

Chapter 1

I was working in my aunt's coffee shop when I first met Him. It was a seemingly regular night normal people came in some just passing through others have lived here all or most of their life. I enjoyed working late we stayed open till 1am, and it was an excuse to be out past curfew.

I lived in the tiny town of Orangeville. We were the type of town you pass through to get a cup of coffee on a long road trip, that's why I liked working late I enjoyed watching the people who were just passing through who had a life away from our boring little town. Trying to guess where they were going and why.

I remember that that night a man he was pale and very good looking, almost inhumanly god like even. He had black hair, it went just past his ears his face was perfectly sculpted, you could almost describe him as pretty his lips were perfect in every aspect. But it was his eyes that caught my attention the most, they were a vibrant green, absolutely amazing looking, they almost seemed to glow.

He came up the counter and looked at me but not quite making eye contact he looked almost uncomfortable. Before saying, "I cup of coffee, black. Please?"

I frowned black coffee is the least interesting kind of coffee ever. I hated it when people ordered it and it tastes bad I like it when people bought interesting flavors.

"That will be $2.50, I told him he gave me a five and I gave him his change. I asked if he wanted any cream or sugar. As a watched him walk back to his seat I noticed another perfect thing about him, he moved with a grace no human should possess. I watched as he took his seat and looked around the room. It seemed as if he was observing every thing, he watched the only other person in the room, a man who rode in on a motor cycle a little while ago.

I told Trish his order, when it was done I brought it to him. He sat it down on the table but didn't drink out of it, he didn't take the slightest of a sip out of it, nor did he at all that night.

We closed early, because everyone was leaving, the two men left around the same time then I told Trish, my fellow waitress and best friend, and Jared, the busboy, to go home and that I would close up.

I was planning on walking home instead of calling my aunt to pick me up it was only a eight minute walk, 4 minute run. I thought it would be perfectly safe, but you would be surprise at how wrong I was.

About three minutes into my walk home I heard a sound coming from somewhere around me. I turned around and saw the motor cycle man. He had a weird look in his eyes.

"Hey miss, what are you doing out here all alone," he said stepping forward, I backed up.

"Please leave me alone," I said I kept on backing up until I was against a wall, I cursed under my breath. I was scared, I didn't know exactly what he wanted but I was sure that I would not agree on doing it when I found out.

"Why should I?" he continued to come towards me. I was corned. I was considering screaming.

"I believe the lady told you to leave her alone," a man said I turned to look at him and saw he was the other man from the shop.

"Why should I, you prolly just want her to yourself." At least I knew what his intentions are now.

"Because I said so," the second man said.

"No," the first one told him and grabbed me. I screamed this time.

The second man ripped me out of his grasp and hit the man in the face. Hard. He fell down out cold on the paved ground.

"Are you okay miss…?" He trailed off not knowing my name.

"Adams, Arabella Adams," I told him, "and yes I'm fine a little freaked out but fine."

"Nice to meet you, Miss Adams, I'm Alexander Wheeler."

"Nice to meet you too. So, Mr. Wheeler where are you heading too?" I asked.

"Actually I just moved here. It's a good thing too, who knows where you'd be without me." I cringed at the thought.

I was surprised to say the least, I was the last person to move here and that was a little over two years ago when my dad and I moved in with my aunt after my mothers death.

"Well it was nice meeting you Mr. Wheeler but I better get home my aunt is probably freaking right now."

"Of course have a good night Miss Adams.

"Good bye Mr. Wheeler."

I walked home half hoping that I'd run into Alexander Wheeler some more and half not mostly because I don't want my aunt knowing about tonight's incident.

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