I don't know how long that I have been walking. Maybe a minute, maybe an hour. The Moon's tug has gotten stronger as I go. Maybe it's leading me somewhere, or to someone-

"Ooph!" I am an idiot, I ran into a wall. I stumble back and look up. I see these black, or maybe deep, dark blue, eyes staring out at me from this beautiful face. My mouth hangs open.

"I-I'm sorry. I wasn't looking, I was looking at- Well I just wasn't watching." No way was I going to try to explain to this beautiful stranger that I was following the Moon's pull. He'd think I was crazy!

"Oh! Um, I'm sorry, too. I wasn't looking either. The Moon, I don't know, I just felt-"

"As if it were tugging on you?! Me too!" I exclaim. Maybe I'm not the only lunatic.

"Wow. Yes. This is quite interesting. Two people, both following the luminescent glow of the moonlight, bump into eachother."

"Maybe it was destiny," I say with a chuckle.

"Maybe..." He says, his face gaining a faraway look. "Well, my name is Dolan, Dolan Nox. You?"

"Persephone Aurelia. And I like your last name, it means 'night' in Latin."

"Ah, yes. And you're last name means 'golden.'"

My eyebrows shoot up. "I'm impressed. I don't know anyone else who knows Latin. That is amazing."

"Really? You didn't learn it in school?" He asks, confused.

"Well I know that this is going to sound odd, but I've actually always known Latin. My first full sentence was 'Carpe Diem et Nocte'. It was so odd because I had never even heard anyone say that before. I knew exactly what I was saying, though." I smile to myself recalling that memory.

"In my-er- family, and another family like us, we all speak latin fluently. It's funny to see people's faces when they try and figure out what language we are talking in." He grins. I snort out a short laugh.

"I can just imagine their faces. Trying to see if it was Spanish or Italian."

"Yes, it is quite amusing. So Miss Persephone, has the Moon drawn you out into the darkness of the night often?"

"Well, Mister Dolan, it has not. I actually am not too fond of the dark. I almost hate it, in fact." I look over at him as I finish my sentence and see of flash of something jump across his features. Hurt? How could that have offended him? It's not like he is the night or anything. Haha, funny Seph.

"Really? That's funny. I am like that about the day usually. There is only one family that I know of that truly do not like the night. But I do not think you are from that family?"

"No, I'm not. At least, I do not think so. I am in foster care until my family returns for me, or until I turn 18. I sincerely hope that it is the former. I do not know how much ;longer I could bare with those wretched people."

"Are they horrid to you? Why do you say nothing to anyone?"

"Because I have no one to tell. I sort of isolate myself at school. I don't like getting attached to people who I know have no true feelings for my well being. I have no illusions of love anymore. It's actually a little easier like this." I give him a weak smile. He looks down at my with eyes filled with something like sorrow.

"So young and no hope." I heard him whisper, but I don't think I was supposed to hear that.

"It is not that I do not have hope, it is just that I know that love doesn't happen to every person. You have to be pretty lucky to be one in a million to fall in true love and stay in it." A startled looked took over his face for a second.

"You heard me?" Is he a freak? I just profess my feelings on love and he questions the fact that I heard him?

"Um, yeah. That's why I answered."

"Oh. Well I do agree with you, but I am sorry for not asking you. Just the way you said it made me think that you had no hope at all. It saddened me greatly."

Something is very different about this boy. He is my age yet he speaks as if he is from the Victorian era or something. Very proper. I like it though. He's not an idiot like all the boys in my life. He could be different.

Dolan's Point Of View

How could she have possibly heard me? I was sure that I was using it. Only Nox's and the real Aurelia's could have heard me when I was like that. Maybe I had just slipped. I don't know. But this girl, she is odd. Most people outside of my family have somewhat of a sixth sense about us. It doesn't appear that she does, though. I like this. I can talk to someone outside of my family without them knowing who I am exactly.

"It is quite late now. I think I should be getting home. My foster parents might freak out if I'm not home. So long, good night."

"Good night!" i call out to her retreating figure. Then I think, wait, what if I do not see her again? "Wait!" She whips her head around and stares at me with those bright blue eyes. I am paralyzed for a split second, stunned by her beauty that I had somehow not seen when I talked to her just before.


"Will I see you again? Can you come out tomorrow night? Maybe the same time?"

She hesitates for a moment. "Well, I guess I can. See you tomorrow, then!" And with that she walks off.

I don't know. There is something about her. She could be my life. Haha, Dolan. Who are you kidding?