Rendezvous Point

Hannah Ter Avest, her words are their life
Standing at the green gates
Of a forest so deep
Holding her hands up
To salvage a wolf pup
It's licking her hand

Than Kaufman what ever do you want?
Are you here to take pleasure
In other humans loss?
Don't point that finger
Can you not hear the ringer?
He is calling you home

Paisley Hill is standing there and shouting
No one is listening to his words
Neither should they
He's got all answers
And skilled financers
Paisley is talking, do not listen

This young man is standing on the other side
Wondering what to think and do and what is right
Hannah's ideas
Makes sense to him
(She is also good-looking
And gave him a whim)
Mr. Kaufman seems cruel
But his offers are nice
(He offered his soul
For a really low price)
Paisley is overzealous
And very confusing
(What does he want?
And what means is he using?)

This young man lay down in the sand
Waiting for someone to reach out a hand
Now he is buried along with his thoughts
No one ever gave him the answers he sought

A/N The characters names are not random. I found an old book of names and meanings, and used it as an inspiration for this poem. I won't tell you what they mean. You can think for yourself, or try to find the actual meaning (note that the meaning sometimes will differ from book to book/web page to web page). If you really want to know what they mean, feel free to PM me (or just ask in a review, and I will answer you).