Author's Note:

Summary Johnny approached the tall, dark, building that used to be the middle school. "Can you believe this thing? Come on, let's go inside and take a look how lame it is." Middle school hosted Haunted Mansions aren't what they used to be.

Inspiration For This Story: My friend had a dream about a group of friends (could you really call them friends...) And some of them went into a haunted mansion. She couldn't tell me what happened in there because she went somewhere else in the dream. So, I decided to write about what would happen. The characters are a little bit based on people in real life, but they get a little out of character at times. (Is that possible in original fiction?)

Since it's written by me (a crazy person) It's gonna be more funny than scary. Hope you enjoy (and hope people are actually reading this)

This may be my first story on FictionPress, but that doesn't mean you guys should go easy on me. I've written plenty of FanFiction, and I know about reviewing and constructive criticism. So go ahead, tell me how I can improve. Isn't that what we're all here for?

Oh, and I don't own PowerAde. It's just that, practically everyone at my school drinks it, and I figured it'd be a good idea to use it.

(Some names have been changed)

By TheCrazyWriter

Johnny approached the tall, dark, fake cobwebbed building that used to be the middle school. He scoffed at the design, "Can you believe this thing? It looks so fake. Come on, let's go inside and take a look how lame it is." He grabbed Michelle's hand and dragged her towards the door.

"Gosh, hold on Johnny. Wait for Amanda and Alex." She looked over to where Amanda and Alex were. Alex was coaxing poor little Amanda to tag along. Michelle rolled her eyes and skipped to their spot.

"Come on, Amanda. Like Johnny said, it's so fake. I bet it's not even scary." Alex said.

Michelle stood next to Amanda and said, "I'll bet it's so lame. Don't be so scared. I mean, come on. Our school made it. Do you really think they could make a decent haunted mansion? They can't even cook decent food!"

Amanda looked down at her feet, "I don't know.. something seems strange about going in there."

Michelle dragged Amanda far enough so Alex couldn't hear, "I'll make sure Alex protects you." She laughed and nudged her shoulder.

"Shut up!" Amanda said, and slapped Michelle's arm. "Fine, I'll go in."

Michelle nodded with satisfaction and skipped over to Johnny's side. "Let's go."

Inside they found the lobby covered with black paper and fake cobwebs bordering the floor. Sheet white ghosts popped out from every corner. Eerie music played throughout the entire building. Johnny gave stupid comments at every little thing in the room while watching Michelle laugh at his not-funny comments. Alex wondered where they bought the fake cobwebs. He looked to Amanda and asked her if she knew.

Amanda shook her head, "Nope. No idea. Hey, this place is awesome, great. Can we leave now?"

Johnny laughed, "Why? This place is hilarious. And we haven't seen the second floor yet."

Michelle looked back at Amanda, "If you want to leave fine. I'm staying here with Johnny." She looked to Alex, "Are you staying?"

Alex nodded, "Yeah. Got nothing better to do."

Michelle turned to Amanda, "Well? No, or go?"

Amanda sighed, "Fine."

Michelle and Johnny moved forward to look through the 7th grade hall, leaving Amanda and Alex in the lobby.

Alex turned to Amanda, "Don't worry, if something pops out and scares you, I'll kill it.. or something."

Amanda blushed bright red, "Really? For me?"

Alex nodded, "For you, I will." Then he burst into song, "For Yooooooooou, Iiiiiiiiiiiii, will." He smiled and hurried to catch up to the others.

The 7th grade hall was full of so called "scary" drawings from the 7th graders. It was basically a Hall of Horrid Art. Even Amanda was starting to laugh at it.

Johnny approached a drawing of what appeared to be a drawing of a werewolf, "Hah, look at this piece of crap."

"The only thing scary about that is the way it's drawn," Amanda rolled her eyes.

Michelle smiled at all of them, "Well, that's enough of the bottom floor. Who's ready to go upstairs?"

"Me!" They all said. They raced to the lobby and headed up the cobwebbed lined staircase. The whole place was dark, so they carefully took one step at a time.

Michelle winced as she put her hand on the handrail. She could never go up the stairs without holding the handrail at least once. This time she could manage without. "EEEEP!" She shrieked, and clenched Johnny's arm at impulse.

"What the heck, Michelle? Why do you always scream? And get your hands off me!" He pried Michelle's hand off his arm.

"Sp- Spi- SPIDER!" Michelle shrieked into the darkness. Johnny rolled his eyes.

"Girls." He went over to the handrail, took off his shoe, and squished the microscopic bug.

Putting his shoe back on, he turned to Michelle and said coaxingly, "Is it all better now that the itsy bitsy spider is dead?"

Michelle rolled her eyes at Johnny's cheesiness and punched him in the arm, "Gosh. You know I'm arachnophobic."

"I don't even know what that word means," he said. The group reached the top of the stairs and found themselves in a much darker hallway. Amanda took a few steps ahead and looked around. Her face turned blank.

"What, Amanda?" Alex said. Amanda pointed behind Johnny's head and said, "... Spi.. spi... spi..."

Johnny groaned as he began to take off his shoe once again, "Another one?" He turned around... and found himself face to face with a Godzilla sized spider.

They raced down the hall, screaming their lungs out. Johnny struggled to catch up at the same time tried to put his shoe back on. The spider moved quickly after them.

Michelle threw herself into a classroom and held the doorknob tight. What was that thing? It couldn't have been real, giagantic spiders don't exist. Must be a robot. The school probably bought it. .. what the heck am I thinking. This school can't afford classroom sets of books! The doorknob started to move under her sweaty palms.

"NO!" She cried as she tried to keep the door shut. Her strength was beaten out, and Johnny walked in.

"Calm down, Ms. Scream-A-Lot. It's me." He had a key on a string around his neck and locked the door before fully shutting it.

Michelle eyed him suspiciously, "Where did you get that key?"

Johnny showed it off as if it were a precious metal, "I found it on the ground while I was trying to put on my shoe. It's Ms. Thomas's, see?"

Michelle slapped Johnny on the arm, "You IDIOT. Where's Alex and Amanda?"

"Oh right. Ya see.. I don't know." Johnny said, and shrugged.

Michelle slapped his arm again, "Let's go find them!"


"What?!" Michelle shouted at him, starting to get really annoyed.

"I want to look for next week's test. I'm no good at History," Johnny said, and started to open the file cabinets with the key. "Want to have a look?"

Michelle smiled innocently, "First of all, I don't have Ms. Thomas. And secondly, YOU'RE AN IDIOT." She grabbed Johnny by the ear and brought him into the hall.

"Ow, ow, ow ow," Johnny complained as Michelle dragged him into the hall and forced him to leave the key in the room. When she finally released him, he grinned at her.

Michelle looked at him disgustedly, "What?"

Johnny kept his strange grin on, "You enjoy touching me, don't you?"

Michelle shrugged, "Well, to hurt you, I have to touch you, so pretty much, yeah."

Johnny nudged her arm, "Naw, you don't touch me cause you enjoy hurting me. You like me, I know it."

Michelle slapped him across the face, "You're an idiot."

"And you're in denial." Johnny said, rubbing his red face.

Michelle rolled her eyes, "Come on, let's go find Alex and Amanda."

Johnny and Michelle looked all over the second floor of the building, from the classrooms and in every cabinet. No sign of Alex or Amanda was found.

"Where could they have gone?" Michelle wondered out loud.

Johnny shrugged. They were in the front hall of the second floor. He looked behind them. "Hey, we haven't checked the bathrooms yet."

"Great idea," Michelle nodded, and went into the girls bathroom. She looked under each stall, "Amandaaaa, where are youuuu."

"OH MY GOD IS THAT A GHOST?!" a voice came out from one of the stalls.

Michelle laughed as she pushed open a stall and found Amanda hiding in it, "No, there's no ghost. Now what are you doing in there?"

Amanda's face was white, as if she had really seen a ghost, "Well, when Alex and I were running away from the giant spider, he ran into a copy room.. and.. well... when he came out.." Amanda seemed too terrified to continue.

"He what?" Michelle pestered her to continue.

"He.. HE TURNED INTO A WEREWOLF!" Amanda burst into tears as she let out the truth.

"... a werewolf? Really?"

"Uh huh. And.. I was so scared I ran and hid in here, so I don't know where he is."

"Calm down, Amanda," Michelle coaxed, "That's it. Okay, let's go outside, get Johnny, and then we'll figure out how to get through this, okay?"


The two girls slowly stepped out of the bathroom, expecting someone to pop out and scare them. Luckily that didn't happen.

"Hmm," Michelle said, looking around. "That's strange."


"I know Johnny. And knowing him, he'd try to scare us." Michelle carefully stepped around, looking out for a sign of Johnny. "Stay on your toes."

They carefully stepped around the front hall, but Johnny was nowhere in sight.

"Haha, very funny," Michelle called into the emptiness. "We know what you're trying to do, Johnny. Don't think you can scare us."

There was no answer. Amanda shrugged, "Maybe he's in the bathroom?"

They stepped towards the door of the boys bathroom. Amanda called into it, "Jooooohnnyyyyy." All that came back was her echo. Amanda turned to Michelle with a grave look on her face, "What if.. what if he turned into a werewolf too?"

They looked at each other with grave faces. Suddenly, Michelle felt two fingers poke her on her sides. She jumped up and turned around, "JOHNNY!" But it wasn't Johnny as she was hoping. It was the ever annoying Tim.

"Johnny? You're really getting blind, Michelle. Think about getting those glasses replaced," Tim said. He looked at both of the girls, "What's up with you guys? You look like you've seen a ghost."

"Not a ghost," Amanda said, "A WEREWOLF!"

"A werewolf?!" Tim said excitedly, "Where?!"

"Be serious!" Michelle sighed. "Okay, we have to find Alex and Johnny."

"And what happens when we find them?" Tim asked.

Michelle was about to give a come back, but then realized Tim was right (for once).

Amanda spoke up. She spoke so quietly that Tim and Michelle had to lean in to hear her. "I'll tell you what we're gonna do. We're gonna GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE." Tim and Michelle rubbed their ears from her outburst. As they were distracted, Amanda started for the stairs, but Michelle caught her.

"No! We have to find Johnny!"

"And Alex," Tim said.

"Yeah, him too."

"What if we turn into werewolves? Or vampires? Or gigantic man-eating spiders? Huh? What happens then?" Amanda said.

Tim rolled his eyes, "We won't turn into werewolves, or vampires, or any gigantic man-eating spiders."

"What the heck makes you say that?" Michelle asked.

"I don't know. I'm just trying to give everyone confidence. Guess it didn't work." Tim shrugged and headed for the hall. "Well, let's go werewolf hunting."

Michelle started to follow, and looked back at Amanda, "Do you want to find Alex or not?"

Amanda looked to the stairs, then to Michelle, then to the stairs, "Okay. I'm coming."

Tim insisted on the all of them wearing garlic necklaces and wearing a cologne that smelled like nothing but water.

"What's the spray for?" Amanda asked as she looked disgustedly at the garlic necklaces. Michelle secretly threw her garlic necklace into a nearby trashcan.

"To ward off monsters." Tim said with a straight face.

"Tim, this stuff smells nothing like a monster spray." Michelle said.

"Do not question the power of the spray." Tim said defensively. He took out a small vial of blue liquid from his pocket.

Amanda looked at it strangely, "Is that.. PowerAde?"

"Shhhh," Tim said, "It's a potion. We give it to Alex, and then he'll turn into a human."

"I thought you can't turn a werewolf into a human without killing it. Plus after that, they die." Michelle said.

"Shhh, this is a special potion. I bought it off some old wizard at this Halloween store. He said it can reverse ANYTHING. Vampires, werewolves, you name it." Tim nodded and showed off the potion. "Here, Michelle, you take it. You'd probably be most careful with it, since you never lose your homework."

Michelle shrugged and examined the liquid. She could've sworn it was PowerAde, but she didn't question anything. She eyed Tim suspiciously, "Why do you have all this stuff?"

"I'm always prepared this time of year," Tim said matter-of-factly. "Well, let's go werewolf hunting." He took a breath, and began to search the halls.

Amanda looked at Michelle and said, "Are we really trusting Tim to find Johnny and Alex?"

"... Yes." Michelle looked up and realized what trouble they could get into with Tim in the lead.

They continued down the hallway. Tim stopped at the first copy room. He stood with his back against the door and looked at Amanda and Michelle, "Are you ready to face what lies beyond this door?"

Michelle shrugged, "I guess."

Timothy reached into his pocket and pulled out a key.

"Where are you people getting these keys?" Michelle said.

Tim ignored her and slowly opened the door...

Something pounced onto Michelle. She screamed, "Get off! Get off!" Tim's neck began to sweat. Not realizing what he was doing, he tore off the garlic necklace, grabbed the thing, and pulled it off Michelle's terrified body.

It was a vampire.

Vampire Johnny.

His face was pure white, and his long fangs stuck out of his mouth. His eyes were ice cold blue, unlike his soft calm brown ones.

"JOHNNY?!" Michelle shrieked.

Tim groaned, "I told you to wear your garlic necklace!" He held Johnny against the wall and called, "Michelle, throw me the potion!"

Michelle's shaking hands struggled to get the potion out of her pocket. She feebly threw the vial to Timothy, who lucklily caught it. Michelle cried, "Where's your necklace?!"

Tim realized his garlic necklace was gone. Johnny's mouth was wide open, ready to bite Tim's garlic-less neck. Tim opened the vial and dropped a small amount of the potion into Johnny's unsuspecting mouth.

Slowly, Johnny's long, white fangs began to shrink back into his mouth. His pale, white face began to fill with color. His ice blue eyes turned into a mellow brown. Michelle uncovered her eyes and peeked to the now human Johnny. It was dead silent. Johnny's back was against the wall, breathing heavily. Tim wiped the sweat off his forehead. Amanda stood there silently like a mouse.

Michelle broke the silence, "Well.. what do you know. The PowerAde actually worked."

Tim looked at Michelle, "Shush. It's a potion."

Johnny sighed, "Gosh, I am so freakin thirsty." He eyed the vial of liquid. "Awesome, PowerAde. Way better than blood." He grabbed the vial and drank the remains of the so called "potion"

"NO!" Tim, Michelle, and Amanda screamed. But it was too late. The magical potion was gone.

".. What?" Johnny said, and looked at the three of them, confused.

Michelle sighed and approached Johnny, "You're such an idiot." But she put her arms around him and gave him a gentle hug. Johnny returned the hug, confused.

When Michelle released Johnny, Tim grumbled at Johnny, "I can't believe you drank the rest of my potion!"

"Dude.. it was PowerAde," Johnny said, holding up the empty vial.

Michelle and Amanda burst into laughter.

Tim rolled his eyes, "You do realize that without that potion, we won't be able to reverse Alex back to human form?"

Michelle and Amanda immediately stopped laughing. Michelle slapped Johnny on the arm.

"Aye!" Johnny said. "Weren't you just hugging me?"

"Yes. And now I was just hitting you." Michelle said. She sighed and turned to Tim, "What are we gonna do now? Without that potion, we won't be able to reverse Alex."

"Wait," Johnny interrupted, "I thought you couldn't change vampires or anything like that back in human."

"Well, that potion was the only thing that could do that but SOMEBODY drank the rest," Tim said, annoyed.

Amanda spoke up, "Couldn't we just get some PowerAde from the cafeteria?"

"How many times do I have to tell you guys, it's a POTION," Tim said.

"It tasted like PowerAde," Johnny said, licking his lips.

"Shut up!" Tim said. He sighed. "We'll just have to find another way to reverse Alex."

"Alex? What happened to Alex?" Johnny asked.

"HE TURNED INTO A WEREWOLF!" Amanda shrieked.

"People, be serious. Amanda, are you SURE the werewolf was Alex?" Michelle asked.

"Yes, I'm sure. He was wearing glasses," Amanda said, nodding her head.

Tim sighed and looked to the ceiling, as if the answer to their problems was written on it. Then something hit him.

"... You can't turn into a vampire or a werewolf without another vampire or werewolf biting you." Tim looked to the others. "Johnny, what do you remember before you turned into a vampire?"

Johnny thought it over, "Well, I went into the bathroom and I was looking at myself in the mirror. Then I turned around and saw this dude in a black cape with a hecka white face. After that... I have no idea what happened."

Before anyone could say anything else, a grumble was heard from the the front hall. The group turned around.

A giant hairy werewolf was snarling at them.


They ran before the werewolf could react. They separated into different classroom; Johnny and Michelle jumped into the Spanish classroom, Tim fled to the science room, and Amanda raced inside a math class

Michelle opened the blinds to look out the window into the hall. There was no sign of the hideous creature that was Alex. She turned back to Johnny who was looking at the board.

"Wow, Spanish. So many memories. ¿Como te llamas? Me llamo Johnny. ¿Como estás? Bue-" Michelle clamped her hand on Johnny's running mouth.

"You never shut up, do you?" Michelle asked, releasing his mouth.

"As the Spanish speaking people say, 'No.'"

Michelle looked out the window again, "Okay, the coast seems clear. Let's go."



Johnny picked up a red dry erase pen and wrote on the board in giant letters, "JOHNNY WAS HERE."

"Nice," Michelle said. "But don't you think you should write it in Spanish?

"Smart." He erased the board and wrote, "JOHNNY ESTABA AQUÌ."

"Okay, let's go." Michelle said. They stepped into the hall cautiously. Across the hall was Tim. He was sticking his head out of the door and gesturing for the two of them to come in. Michelle and Johnny looked both ways before crossing the hall. They found a row of test tubes on a rack set up on the table, each filled with a different color liquid. One red, one orange, one blue, one yellow, and one clear.

"What's this stuff?" Michelle asked.

"It's the ingredients to the potion," Tim said.

Johnny stared at them intently, "... they look like a bunch of PowerAde."

"Shut up. Now, we have to mix them together to make the reverse potion for Alex." Tim said, tapping each test tube with the stirring stick.

"Tim," Michelle started, "Where the heck did you get 'potion' ingredients?"

Tim grumbled, "Okay, okay, it's PowerAde. Now please stop questioning me."

Michelle and Johnny exchanged smiles as Tim continued to ramble about the potion. Johnny looked around the room, "Where's Amanda?"

Tim grumbled again, "I sent her to the cafeteria to get more PowerAde.."

Johnny looked at Tim, "What? You mean we can leave? See ya." He grabbed Michelle's hand and started for the door.

Tim called to the both of them, "CHICKEN!" He started to mix the liquids together. Suddenly, he heard the door shut. He turned around and saw Michelle and Johnny with their backs against the door, breathing heavily.

"I thought you guys were too chicken," Tim said.

"We are. We just saw a big, hairy werewolf," Michelle said through her short breaths.

"Correction. We saw TWO big, hairy, oh, and UGLY werewolves," Johnny said. He grabbed the keys off the desk and locked the door. "I don't know about you guys but I am NOT leaving this room."

Michelle grinned at him, "Awww, someone's scared."

"You're scared too."

"No duh I'm scared," Michelle barked back.

"Then why did you make me come in here?" Johnny asked.

"What the heck are you talking about? Johnny, it was YOUR idea to come in here," Michelle said. "I wouldn't have gone in here if you said it was gonna be stupid. Well, guess what! It's not stupid, it's REAL."

"Hey, you could've left ANY time. In fact, you didn't HAVE to come with me. But you went with me anyway. Cause you like me." Johnny retorted.

Tim snickered, "Ooo, tension."

Michelle plopped down into a nearby chair, "Whatever."

Johnny groaned and went to the back room and opened the door that led to the other science rooms.

"Where the heck are you going?!" Michelle called.

"I'm gonna check out Ms. Andrew's test for next week. Not that you care," Johnny called back.

An awkward silence was formed between Michelle and Tim.

"So," Tim began, as he poured the clear liquid into a beaker, "Are you and John-"

"Shut up. Don't even finish that question."

Tim shrugged, "Hmm.. where's Amanda?"

Michelle looked up and realized he was right. Where WAS Amanda? "How long ago did you send her?"

Tim glanced at his watch and then immediately brought his attention back to pouring the yellow PowerAde into the beaker along with the clear liquid, "I'd say about, I don't know, 10 minutes ago?"

"Okay, well, she should be coming back soon," Michelle said. She closed her eyes and wished this nightmare would end. She could still feel her hands shaking from when the vampire- Johnny -pounced onto her.

"Where the heck is Amanda?" Tim said, loud enough so that Michelle opened her eyes and nearly fell out of her chair.

"Maybe she decided to ditch helping Alex," Michelle said. She remembered how Amanda nearly deafened Tim and her and tried to make her escape.

"Chicken," Tim said, shaking his head disappointedly.

"Guys!" A call was heard from the back of the room. Johnny came rushing in, "You HAVE to see this." He rushed back to the other classroom.

Tim quickly mixed his strange concoction, "Go ahead, Michelle, I'll catch up."

"No, I am NOT speaking to Johnny," Michelle said.

"I have to stir these in a certain way, so I can't go right now. Just freakin make up with Johnny," Tim shot back.

Michelle groaned and went through the back door. She found Johnny leaning against the cabinet with the TV in front of it. Without making eye contact with Michelle, he said, "Where's Tim?"

"He insists that the potion has to be created in a special way, so he'll be coming soon." Michelle sifted through the paper's on Ms. Andrew's desk, "What did you want to show us?" She said, trying to make her voice as uninterested as possible.

Sensing Michelle's feelings, he made his voice uninterested as well, "Well, you know, I was just going through Ms. Andrew's stuff, and I found this dead werewolf - "

"Dead WHAT?!" Michelle yelled.

"Ahh, interested now? I found a dead werewolf in Ms. Andrew's cabinet." Johnny slowly turned around and opened the cabinet slowly. Michelle walked up behind him, trying to sneak a peek at Johnny's find. Johnny opened the door wide, and furry dead corpse fell out.

"EEEP!" Michelle screamed. She backed up onto a desk.

"Gosh, calm down," Johnny rolled his eyes. He looked over the corpse. Then he got a sick look on his face.

Michelle laughed, "Okay, it's ugly, but it's not that ugly. So stop making your face look ugly." She clamped her hand on her mouth, "I mean, stop.. doing, that.. stupid face."

"It's not the corpse.. I just feel kinda funny," Johnny said. His voice cracked as he said it. He sat into a chair, "Stop spinning," he said to Michelle.

".. I'm not spinning," Michelle said, her voice full of worry. She looked back at the other Science room. "Wait here."

She ran back to Tim. His concoction was boiling on a Bunsen burner. "TIM!"

"What?!" He shouted.

"I think your freak potion did something to Johnny!" She walked over to Tim and flicked him on the back of his head.

Tim laughed, "His fault for overdosing. Didn't people tell him? Don't do drugs."

"Tim! Be serious!"

"Seriously. He was overdosed," Tim said, nodding his head, and staring intently at his boiling potion.

"And WHY didn't you tell us this before?" Michelle asked.

"You didn't ask."


"GOSH, Michelle. Stop screaming. He'll be fine," Tim said.

"Good," Michelle sighed in relief.

"There may be a few side effects.."

"SIDE EFFECTS?!" Michelle echoed.

"This isn't just a bunch of PowerAde mixed together," Tim said. He raised the test tube with the clear liquid, "This, is a special potion. It's a transformation potion. It basically transforms the consumer to the creature they were last. Or, if they're wearing a costume, it transforms them into that costume."

Michelle fell silent, "Wait, what's the PowerAde for?"

Tim shrugged, "Flavor."

"Wait.. so.. Johnny was a vampire last so..."

"He will be a vampire again," Tim said bluntly.

"Why did it take so long?"

"The more you take, the longer the wait for the transformation." Tim said.

Michelle then lost her sense, "Johnny's gonna be a vampire AGAIN? And how long before we can change him back?! And what if he attacks me again?! And what if you can't make the potion in time? What if we both become vampires? And..."

"Gosh, Michelle, stop worrying. My potion's almost done," Tim said calmly. "I just have to mix it one more time."

"Hurry up. Who knows how long before-"

Suddenly the lights went out. A shadow was going around the room.

"Oh my gosh." Michelle said, breathless.

A white face was coming into view.

The return of Vampire Johnny.

"TIM! HURRY UP WITH THE POTION!" Michelle screamed. Johnny chased her around the room. Over desks and on counters.

"TIM!" Michelle screamed again.


"TIM! BE REAL!" Michelle screamed, nearly falling over a chair.

"Sorry, had a Jonas moment there."

Michelle toppled over a fallen chair. Out of breath, she lay there, ready to receive whatever Johnny gave.

"Here!" Tim yelled. He threw a small vial, which landed next to Michelle's head. She quickly grabbed it, and looked up, finding herself face to face with a pair of fangs. Her hands were shaking so fast she could barely hold the vial, but a small amount of liquid fell into Johnny's mouth. She shut her eyes.

When she opened them, she noticed the lights had been turned on, and Johnny's limp body was on top of her.

"NYAH!" She hopped off the floor, and leaned against a desk. She looked to Tim, "What.. the.. heck.. just.. happened?"

She heard a groan from below. Johnny was getting off the floor. "Ugh."

Tim laughed, "You guys have been out for hours."

"WHAT?!" Michelle and Johnny screamed in unison.

"Kidding, kidding. Just for about, I don't know, two minutes." Tim laughed.

Johnny shook his head, "That's it, I'm out." He got up and went out the door.

Michelle looked to Tim, and then the door, then to Tim, and then the door.

"Go ahead. Be like Johnny and Amanda. Be a chicken. I'll stay here and reverse Alex, and you'll be out there, being a chicken." Tim said.

Michelle shrugged, "Okay." She went out the door, and found Johnny sitting at the top step of the stairs.

"Come on, sitting duck. Let's go find Naomi and Eric," Michelle said, picking up Johnny's hand and dragging him up to stand.

"What about Alex?"

"Tim will take care of it," She started down the stairs and Johnny followed.

Tim stepped into the back door of the science room to check out what Johnny wanted to show them. He found nothing out of the ordinary.

Tim laughed, "He just wanted to make up with Michelle." Tim looked around the room. Everything was in place; no sign of a werewolf.

Then he heard a grumble from behind. Tim turned around.

In front of him was the werewolf he was looking for.

"Haha, piece of cake," Tim said. He reached into his pocket to pull out the vial.

But something was missing.

The vial.

Michelle winced as she stepped outside and into the light. She didn't realize how dark it was inside. As soon as her eyes adjusted, she looked to Johnny.

"That was some adventure," Michelle said, and sighed.

"Yeah. Look! A jumphouse!" Johnny said, and pointed. In front of them was a giant Spongebob jumphouse.

"Oh gosh, that looks so much fun compared to what just happened," Michelle said. She walked toward it, but then felt something heavy in her pocket. Reaching inside, she found the small vial of the potion.

"Uhh, Johnny," Michelle said.

"What? Afraid of jumphouses too? Or are you afraid of Spongebob?" Johnny laughed at his lame joke.

"I- I have the potion."


"So, Tim is going after Alex the werewolf without the potion!" Michelle yelled at him.


"So, we have to go give it back to him!"

"... We?"

"Yes. We." Michelle grabbed his hand and dragged him back to the entrance of the haunted mansion. Then she spotted Amanda sitting down on a bench.

"Amanda! Come on!" Michelle called.

"Where?" Amanda asked, standing up.

"We have to give Tim the potion to reverse Alex," Michelle said.

Amanda looked unsure, but she came with them anyway.

Johnny sighed, "I must be crazy for coming back here."

"You don't have to come, you know." Michelle said.

"But I want to." He smiled at Michelle. She rolled her eyes and they headed up the stairs.

The three of them went into the science classroom where they last left Tim. He wasn't there.

"Come on," Johnny said, going into the back door of the room.

They walked in, finding the room pitch black.

"Must be here," Michelle said. They heard snarling from around the room.

"Tim?" Johnny called into the room.

More snarling came in response. Amanda looked around for a light. Suddenly the room was full of light.

And two werewolves.

"Oh my gosh, is that Tim?" Michelle asked. Before any answer could come, the werewolves began approaching them.

"Split up!" Johnny called. The three of them went to different parts of the room. Tim ran after Johnny, Alex ran after Amanda, and Michelle headed for the back of the classroom.

"Johnny!" Michelle called. She threw the vial to him, and he caught it. Opening it, he waited until Tim was ready to bite, and dropped some of the potion into his mouth.

"Yes!" Johnny shouted in triumph. He noticed Amanda was being chased after werewolf Alex. He called, "Amanda!" And threw the vial to her.

She caught it, but it slipped out of her sweaty hands. She picked it up, and found Alex in her face, his werewolf mouth wide open. Scared to death, she dropped some of the liquid into his mouth, and ran as far as possible.

Slowly, both the werewolves lost their hair, their teeth, and their great yellow eyes, slowly turning human, slowly turning into Tim and Alex.

"Whoa," Tim and Alex said. Everyone sighed in relief.

"Ugh, let's ditch this place before we see anymore freakish creatures," Johnny said. Everyone nodded in response, and all headed downstairs.

When they all came out, they sighed in relief.

"I don't think I'll ever have the guts to tell anyone what happened to us today," Michelle said.

"Yeah, me neither," Johnny said.

Tim sighed, "Well, I had fun. I was a werewolf. Isn't that awesome?!" Everyone laughed.

Alex groaned, "I had no fun. I was a werewolf. The whole freakin' time. I probably missed the best stuff."

Amanda hadn't said a word. Michelle asked, "What'd you think Amanda?"

"Johnny and Alex wouldn't have been able to turn into a vampire or a werewolf without another werewolf or vampire biting them." Amanda looked up, "There has to be some in there." She said, looking back at the school.

Everyone was silent.

"I am NOT going back in there." Johnny said

"Nope. I had enough adventures for one day." Michelle said.

"I feel like a deflated balloon." Tim said.

Amanda sighed, and noticed a heap of yellow on the ground. "What's that?"

They all walked up to the pile of yellow. Johnny touched it carefully, "Oh, it's the jumphouse."

The group picked up the remains of the jumphouse, and Eric and Naomi popped out of it.

"Nice going, Eric. You popped it," Naomi said.

Eric rolled his eyes, "Whatever. How was the Haunted Mansion, guys?"

Alex, Amanda, Michelle, Tim, and Johnny looked at each other, "Boring."