They danced over the mountains, kissed in rivers, rolled over glowing coal embers, dove into the skies, higher, higher, they cried.

She took the form of a bird, soaring higher, crying for emotion, while he floated on an icicle, his carefully sculpted and chiseled face breaking out into the epitome of sardonic smiles She changed back into herself and rage flitted across her crimson face and she hurled fire at him, so fast, so quick, he got burnt. But before the next time, he threw water back. When she glowered at him, he'd shrugged, as if to say, Chivalry's dead.

She let a typical evil smile adorn her features and she smiled, as if to retort: Well, who said you get charming ladies, anyway? and she'd dove down into the skyline of the glimmering shadow of the dusk.

He'd spent a moment in air, hanging, until he realized the air had gone almost too cold, like his nature and he longed for the warmth and fire. He glanced down, because if she wanted him to follow her into a devious trap, she would be looking back to check if he was coming, but he couldn't see her at all, the skyline dotted with light, looked like it was just the afterglow. Abandoning his icicle, he created a path of pure ice and slid barefoot over it, feeling the chemistry between the hail inside of him and the frost he experienced outside, until he felt a sudden stirring in his chest and he felt…Fire.

This was new. He has seen her make fire, but could not touch it. He had not so much as felt the heat as needed to see the coal burn. It was odd, and his father would not be pleased. Fire was a born enemy of water- the elements had so been created. Her father wouldn't exactly be happy either. As he slid down the swirling paths of ice that the people believed came from airplanes. He could still feel something stirring within his chest until, miles later he halted, to turn back. Obviously she had gone home, which was forbidden territory.

As he whipped around, his icy aquamarine eyes took in his surroundings, looking for a

trace of her. And before he took his last step, fiery arms covered his chest and the feeling in is chest mounted. Pushing his blond hair out of his eyes, he threw off the arms to meet the face of his attacker…

Her lips twisted into a genuine smile and she spoke, for the first time. 'Missed me?'

He pursed his lips. Telling her the truth would only mount her sky-high ego. 'Hardly. And mind moving off me?'

Her violet eyes bore through him, and he thought he'd made a severe mistake. 'Sorry', she said, almost sadly, and blazing her way through all the swirls of ice he had created, she simply rode through.

And as he stood there, something dawned upon him. Maybe that was just the way it should be. She destroyed what he created, he destroyed what she created. No wonder, Father would be ashamed. But then again, he bitterly thought: When have I cared for Father anyway?

But when he closed his eyes, all he could see was the welling hurt within those violet eyes and the carmine color of her gown, the cerise fire which was still blazing a few meters away. Eternal Fire, his Father had said, the Devil himself can be pulled out of them. But then again, the Devil was the Authority himself, wasn't he?

And then the voice of Cerise, her mother, the woman his Father himself had loved, her voice rang into his head. The Eternal Sacrifice, she said. A man who cannot commit the sacrifice is never worthy.

And was he worthy? No, but he could try.

And if he failed, would it matter? Because he would keep trying and he wouldn't give up and he would try as generations had tried.

And thinking so, he placed his foot into the fire, defying generations of hatred. It doesn't feel that bad, Cerise had been wrong he thought. Then there came a complete lull and he screamed. He screamed to save himself and he screamed of pain and he screamed for her.

And she came, for he had finally uttered her true name: Carmine, knocking down all the fear as she cradled his head he placed herself in the ice path. And finally, they were together and they were one.