I Wrote This Just To Make Money

That's it. The title says it all. The entire point of this writing is to sell. There is no pretension. All I want is for you to pick up this writing at an expensive bookstore and buy it at an expensive price. Maybe you can buy it cheaper online or from smugglers in the streets; but it doesn't matter—as long as the piece reserves me the copyright the money will come to me. I'm not gonna lie—you can discuss academic, philosophical, literary aspects of this writing and delve into the values of it and have endless talks about it over a coffee with your friends—I really don't care, as long as you paid money to obtain this writing. I know it will sell well; I ordered 270,000 copies of the firs edition so if all of them sell that's 270,000X$10$2.7 million. Minus the production and distribution cost and all that I still make about $2 million. That's a lot of money. I'm not even gonna worry about the leftovers; everybody loves this writing, so every single 270,000 copy will be purchased. There is no discount for lump purchase—why would I ever discount something when I'm 100 certain of its sales performance. In further edition, no change will be made cuz then it's less money for me; gosh I love writing something that people love.