Portrayed Perfection

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Sleeping in the warmth of my bed I really don't want to move. It's like I feel free to do whatever I want when I'm sleeping because I can dream. Dreaming is what I have left of my life, wanting and hoping for a better future. Believing there is more for me in this thing I'm living in called life. I can truly say I am a dreamer for wanting something I think I will never have, but what can you do? Pretty much nothing but try harder to make everything wrong seem right.

My life to you would seem perfect if you knew me from school or in town. You would wish you were me because since I was a baby it was implanted in my brain to be perfect. With my father as a lawyer he strived to be on top, meaning he would do anything to be envied and loved by everyone. My family consisted of me and my father. My mother died when I was fifteen and now I'm seventeen. I was a clone of my mother as people would say. I had her straight brown hair that came up to my shoulders and my big blue eyes everyone loved.

And I guess we were the perfect family, that is until my mom died. My father still kept our perfect look outside the house but once those doors were closed he was nothing close to perfect. My father would drink most of the time and watch the football game on T.V and if he didn't have his dinner made at six thirty every night that he was home there would be hell to pay. And I would have to pay it.

So as I stayed in bed lying awake, staring at the wall I thought of how my life had changed over the two short years my mother has been gone. And I t has a lot.


Oh the great sound of my alarm clock. I was already awake and the damn thing still rings! I stopped the piercing sound of my clock with one swoop of my hand hitting the plastic. Ouch not doing that again. I waved my sore hand in the air attempting to rid it of the pain it was feeling but to no such luck. Hurrying I strode across my bedroom and into my bathroom. I striped of my pajamas and jumped into the shower after turning the water to a nice steamy temperature. Using a fruity shampoo that was on the floor of my tube I scrubbed into my hair letting the water cascading down my body calm me.

After my uneventful shower I stepped into my room with a towel hugging my body. I looked through my closet and picked out jeans and a red tank top to wear to school. After dressing and styling my hair into a bun I scampered down the stairs and into the kitchen searching for yummy food. I picked toast with butter seeing as I didn't go shopping for food. My dad was going to kill me. After five minuets I finished the food and then grabbed my keys to my Range Rover off the counter and made my way out of the house. I locked the door to my house and then got in my car to drive to school.

"Oh My God! Kendra there is this freshman that wants to try out for our cheerleading team. I was like no way!" This ditsy girl right here that came up to me in the hall of school would be my friend Kelly. She was really a great person but sometimes a little slow.

"Oh really that's nice. But don't you think maybe we could give her a chance to try out?" I more told then asked.

"You are so right Ken, seeing ad you are the captain you would know the best for the team." With that she ran off to find the girl. Well I was guessing.

I shook my head and made my way to my locker as people that I knew waved and said hi to me. Just another boring day at high school North. Where the all that matters is Chicks, cliques and sometimes parties as my friend Ian would say. I loved school in a way because it means I get away from home and I get to be free.

1,5,29. Click. My good old locker combo. I grabbed my books that I would need for my Language arts class and world geo. Soon I was on my way to homeroom to take attendance. I opened the door to the room and scanned the area. I found my best friend Ian Smith sitting at a desk and he was saving a seat with his feet up for someone. Me.

I smiled at the thought and made my way over to the quarter back of our high school football team. He smiled as he saw I was on my way over and moved his feet from the chair. He got up and hugged me.

"Wow I have missed you Ken! It's been a week, to long not to see you're face!"

"Yeah well maybe next time you shouldn't go off to Virginia to visit you're family….did you get me anything?" I asked with a huge smile on my face knowing the answer.

"Yup I did."

"Can I have it?"

"No you can't." he's trying to kill me!

"Why the hell not?!"

"Because for once I hold the power over you're happiness!" he told me with a smug little grin. Oh he's good.

"Damn, using my ways, I taught you well."

"Yeah and now you will have to wait for presents until lunch."

"Wow I so hate you right now!"

"No you love me. You know you do."

"Shut up."

Damn Ian. He knows I can't wait for presents it will just drive me crazy! He does this to bug me, I still love him though. He sat down and I did the same so the teacher could start attendance. I pretty much blocked out the teacher and laid my head down on the cool surface of my desk.


"Here." I waved my hand in the air. The teacher smiled at me like they usually do here at school, all the teachers love me. And I hate it. But I "need to keep that perfect exterior", as my father says.


"Here Miss. Taylor and might I say you look mighty fine today." Of course Ian had to flirt with the teacher. It's his way to boost his grade seeing as Miss. Taylor is our language arts teacher. Oh and of course she has to blush. You would think a kid would get in trouble for that but no SHE BLUSHES! Ian sent me one of his smirks for that blush, I mean come on her face practically matched her bright red shirt! Giggling like the rest of the class I turned my head the other way and waited for the bell to ring.

"Settle down class! Now get reading on your silent reading books. I don't want any disruptions!"

Currently I was in first period sitting in Miss. Taylor's Language arts class other known as ILA. I brought out my book that I was currently reading. It was very interesting to, about a girl that hears dead people speaking to her.

Swish. Something just landed on my desk.

A note! Let's see who from.

Yo Kendra its Michelle (wave) hehehe, I'm bored! And Jessica keeps pulling my hair! Wright back 3.

Michelle Lopez and Jess also known as Jessica Jonas my two female best friends that I have know forever. Michelle was the girl that loved to party and was the Latina queen at our school. She is a very social girl to and knows about all the gossip, so whenever there is anything to know you would have to ask her and she could tell you the story. Then there was Jessica Jonas, she's the girl that loves to listen to music and you could have a serious talk with. She is also like a mother in a way because she tells you when you are doing something bad and will scold you. I love them both to sum it up.

Heeeeyyy girl! I'm bored to lol and give jess a kick in the shin that will stop her lol. OMG I'm SO MADD!


Pass back.



Ian got me a present but won't show me until lunch! I'm pissed! He is so dead if this present sucks!


Pass back.

HAHAH wow the boy got you there. Well I'll talk to you at break. ( Michelle


The bell for next period. I have a double class of ILA so I just roam the halls with my friends for the three minuet break we get everyday. Sliding from my desk I meet up with Jessica and Michelle. They both looked very unhappy today.

"Why the glum faces?"

"Why not, we are in school."

"Fair but come on. Be HAPPY!"

"HAHAHA wow, just leave it to you to be happy at school. It's like what do you do take crack before you come here?"

"HA. HA. HA. Funny." I dryly replied.

"Well I agree with little Miss. Michelle here. Don't you think Broady?" Ian asked his best friend AKA Michelle's boyfriend of three years. They were pretty much in love and it was so cute how they acted with each other. All the giggles and hugs! It made me jealous sometimes though. I have no problem going on dates but it's hard to keep in a relationship because I guess I have trust issues with guys sometimes. But not with Ian I will always trust that guy and he is probably the only guy I have fully trusted.

"I sure do. Well I pretty much have to or she'll kick me in the balls." Broady Summers joked as he slung an arm over his girl's shoulder.

"Damn straight I would!" she laughed.

"Well thanks for that, but no I'm clean. No drugs for me."

"Yeah her doing drugs is like the pulp becoming an exotic dancer. She's little miss perfect."

"Hello, right here Jess! And I have a bad side to me! I just passed notes in class hahahaha." The rest joined in on the laughter.


Back to hell.

"Oh my god she is such a skank…hell yeah I got with her last night…no way! She smokes?...he broke up with me!"

All the little conversations that catch my ear as I walked to my lunch table. There is so much drama in my school it's not even funny…well sometimes I guess it can be. I sat with Michelle, Jessica, Broady, Ian and Anissa Jacobs my other friend. Then there were different people all around the rest of the table that I'm friends with. The table consisted of preppy fake people the only ones that were true to themselves were the people I listed. That is why they are my best friends. And being friends with all the fake people and preppy people, that was something to add to my image I guess. My father always told me I needed to have perfection. And the first step on the ladder was people you associated with. I didn't give two shits about what my father thought but that's what I grew up to know and I would never disobey him, no matter how much I loathed him.

Sitting down next to Ian I caught a clip of the convocation they were having. It was about me.

"I can so hold a boyfriend guys! I choose not to because I decide that I don't like them."

"Yeah that's what you say Kendra but face it, the longest boyfriend you had lasted four weeks." Put in Anissa.

"You guys I really don't want to talk about this okay. I'm just not interested in the guys that have interest in me."

"Okaaaayyyy, whatever you say. It's just weird seeing as you, Kendra Patterson the captain of the cheer squad can't hold a boyfriend."

"Well thanks for caring. But don't." I smiled at her and she smiled back shaking her head.

"OKAY, now down to business! Where the hell is my gift?!"

"Calm down there sparky. I got them right here." Did he just say them? That means multiple! YAY me!

Ian dropped three gifts in front of me and they were all rapped. He did a pretty good job. But I'm guessing his mom rapped them. The first one was rapped in a nice blue paper. I didn't want to rip it but the need to see my goods took over and I shredded the paper. In side was a shirt that had a picture of strawberry shortcake. I loved her! When I was little I used to make Ian play tea parties with me and Strawberry shortcake would be the guest. The next was rapped in a purple paper. I shredded that one to and it left me with a pair of boxer shorts that said on the butt "I Love Ian". I started to laugh and looked at Ian like he had four heads. They could be used for gym shorts. The last present was small and rapped over a box so I tore it off gently. The box was black velvet and I could tell this was going to be my favorite present. I opened the box slowly and saw the most beautiful thing I had ever gotten. It was a heart shaped locket that had a little pink stone in the middle. I opened it and on one side it said "I'll love you forever" and on the other it was a picture of us when we were three and hugging each other. The present brought small tears to my eyes.

"IAN! This is so cute, I love it!" I got up and hugged Ian. He was by far the best guy you could find. I can't believe he got me this awesome gift and the funny others.

"No problem. Was it worth the wait?"

"Definitely." I replied.

"AWWWWWW. God Broady why don't you do something like that for me?" Michelle asked her boyfriend with a slap to the bicep.

"Cuz you don't need that, all you need is me." He replied with a grin. Michelle grinned back.

"Oh great, Kendra gets some nice jewelry and I get stuck with a sports crazy fool." She joked.

"You know it" the cocky and conceited Broady replied.

I wish the day at school could drag on forever because my dad was coming home tonight from his business meeting. When he comes home from them he is usually in a crappy mood. I know he is going to want a meal tonight that is big seeing as he tells me that the food he gets when he is away is crappy. Most of the day was great and I had some fun in my classes but when I get home I will be living in hell again. I just hope that I don't burn the food like I did last time. Then I'll be really sorry.