The moon will shine

Reflect in our eyes

As the blood boils in our veins

Wary glances, sharp turn of our head

Toward the night we are lead

Under Selene as she waxes and wanes

Fire jumps from my eyes

While in howls, I cry

At my bones' pain from our length

Prowl the night, hide the fears

Laugh incessantly to hold back tears

And feign coldness to convey our strength

World's apart, I'd feel you in me

So either stay around, or let me be

To forget your touch, laughter, and ways

A moth to the flame, a wolf to the hunt

I dread the moments where the Earth has Sun

And we can no longer lay

Our arms grow limp, eyes cold

Give me a needle, I'm already sold

If it makes our distance seem less

A week, or two, until we meet again

Forgetting everything from now to then

To think this came from bad to best

They opened the night, showed us the way

Gave us four legs to run or stay

I just pray you'll use them right.

Feel it, anticipation of the kill

The crunch of bones, the loss of will

The songs from our night

Claw the skin, tangled limbs,

Warmth of breath, sheets to swim

Tell me anything, just don't lie

Catch my eyes as they flash red

Laying, serene, in our leafy bed

Stretch my back, shake my hair

Grin a wolf grin as I lead you to my lair