Red eyes watched his prey with intense interest. They did not move from their prey not even to look at the person who landed near their owner. Long silver hair moved in front of them and a hand moved the hair away. He sighed as he turned one eye towards the intruder.

"What do you want, Logan?" came a deep voice. "I hope that you have a reason for intruding on me feeding?"

"Your Majesty," Logan answered, "Leslie is better then this human you keep watching. She is of our race…"

"Shut it, Logan," the king stated angrily. "Leslie only wants my power. She will not be my mate at all."

"But is this human going to be able to love you and be willing to be turned?"

The king looked back at the human that had captured his cold little black heart. He smiled. "I think so."

He didn't know that the intruder had a blade in his hand and didn't know his killing thought until the blade went through his back, intending to get his heart. He cried out and fell from the roof top he had been standing on and onto the ground. He gasped in pain as he looked at the sneer of the man who had tried to kill him.

"Have a nice death, Armand," Logan hissed and moved towards another roof top where he hugged a blond headed woman.

"Did you do it?" the woman asked.

Logan smiled, kissing her lips. "It's done."

"Good," she said, stabbing her 'lover' through his ribs to clutch his heart. She smiled sweetly though the man almost shuddered in fear at the evil look to her soulless eyes. "Rest in pieces, fucker," she hissed as she ripped out Logan's heart. Logan fell limp to the rooftop. "Don't take it personally, love. I rule alone."

She laughed as she went to where Armand had fallen only to hiss in anger that his body and her lovely knife were gone.

Armand had the energy to move into the shadows- where he reined supreme- of the alley he had fallen in. He looked up at the icy cold rage of Leslie and heard her hiss when she had found him gone. His energy was waning and if he didn't feed nor get the small dagger out of his body, he was surely going to die. He looked as the woman he had found impressive and irresistible was coming home and was going in through her fire escape due to the fact that she had left her key in her house. Leslie was already gone, probably trying to find out whatever had happened to him. He had to do something and fast.

Armand moved out of the shadows towards her, stumbling around, not because he was trying to act, but he actually was suffering from blood loss. He looked at her pleadingly and got the wrong reaction from what he had been hoping for. She screamed and kicked him in the balls. His eyes grew wide as he slumped forward and she gasped seeing the dagger in his body.

"Oh, my gosh" she cried, "I'm so sorry! You're hurt! Let me help you." She knelt down to help him out and groaned under his weight. "Damn, Alice, good time to have lost your keys today." She moved towards the ladder of the fire escape and looked at him. "Do you think you can climb up the ladder? I could help you up the rest of the way." He looked at her and nodded his head.

He climbed up, effortlessly, but pained. He started to wish he was in her apartment at that moment, sensing several of his people looking for him to whom he didn't know if they were his or Leslie's. Once he was up to par, he was seriously going to destroy the traitorous bitch once he got his hands on her. He collapsed on the first stair, exhausted. He panted as she came up to him and grabbed his arm to hoist him up.

"Come on," she told him. "Two flights of stairs and we got it. Hurry."

He looked at her in surprise. Was she sensing his desperation? Or was it something entirely different? She hoisted his weight up but he also called on his immense strength to help out, not wanting to tire out his gorgeous woman. She was tiring out even with his help being as she had just gotten off of work over at the local hospital. She worked in the ER there and loved every minute of it, though she was going to transfer from day to night next week. Call it nostalgia, she should have brought him to the hospital but something with in her told her that it was not possible.

Once they got to her apartment window, she jiggled it and it came opened. She looked at him and set him against the window pane.

"Let me go first then I'll help you in," she said. But just as she start in the apartment, Armand sensed someone other then his people coming towards them and knew it to be Leslie. He had to get in his gorgeous woman's safe haven before she spotted him. He did the only thing he could think of: he moved so that he fell with in the apartment on top of Alice so as to shield her from any one's eyes that might be watching. She had to be kept a secret just until he heals. He groaned in pain as Alice tried to move from underneath him. She stopped and looked up at him, blushing when she realized that he was so close that she could literally kiss him.

"Sorry," she said, "but if I can't move, then I can't help you."

He rolled off her, grimacing in pain as he almost pushed the dagger more into his back. Sensing his pain, Alice sat up and moved him on his stomach. She looked at the dagger and looked at him.

"I'm going to pull this out," she told him. "But if you can, I would like to put you on the bed where you'll be most comfortable. It's not that far."

In fact they were right near it. He nodded and she helped him on to it. He lay on his stomach and was ready for her to pull the dagger out. As she started to pull it out, he cried out in pain and clutched her quilt tightly. He felt like someone was ripping his heart out and he had felt that, being a warrior as well as his races' king. He had to kill those that defy his laws and one of the worst ones that his people could do was to kill humans. True, he killed humans, but only those already doomed to die to begin with and his current favorite was those that had murdered others. He was almost close to killing a human not a murderer by being with this human woman because of his hunger, but not only was it necessary for her to be near him to help him heal- he was going to turn her when the time came- he wanted her to fall in love with him and he was bound and determined that she does.

"My name is Alice, by the way," she told him. "I am a doctor." She tugged and he cried out as the dagger came out of his body.

"I'm Armand," he said, panting. "I'm an officer." It was only the half truth. He served in a secret section of the police force that dealt with his people, the vampires. There are a huge amount of vampires within the world, contrary to human beliefs, and it was his duty to see to it that those vampires do not terrorize the human population.

She chuckled. "You must have been very lucky not to come into the ER then. But now, I think your luck ran out." She said that as she moved to her nightstand and pulled out several rolls of bandages. She took off his jacket and carefully took off his shirt.
"I'm going to wrap up your wound, Armand. I don't want you to loose any more blood."

"Alright," he said. He could heal very fast but without blood, he was not going to be able to use his powers to do that and he didn't want to scare her quite yet.

"I'm going to give you a couple of stitches as well. Not many, but a few to help with your healing process." He was shocked. He didn't know if she knew what he was or that she was just stating a fact, being a doctor. He didn't feel the needle pierce his skin nor when she was finished at all. The only thing he concentrated on was her nearness and her small fingers and hands at work on him. She was every part of what he wanted. Small tender hands, small cloudy grey eyes that could see within a person's very soul, her small kissable lips that were dieing for his attention, long black hair she had braided at the moment, and her personality, the way she strived to help anyone in need, especially to a monster like him. He then knew that he couldn't live within her light, fearful of tainting her, but then at the same time, he couldn't live without her. His need to be with her, overcame that fear.

Armand was then taken out of his thoughts when she easily flipped him over and smiled at him. "All done. It doesn't hurt to lie on your back, does it?" she asked him. "If it does, then let me know and I can flip you back on your stomach."

"No," he answered. "I'm fine just the way I am." She smiled at him, looking in to his eyes for any signs of pain. "You're very beautiful."

She was startled and blushed. "Your use of flattery is nice but I'm not that pretty." She looked away from him, still blushing.

"Ah, but you are. Your beauty shines like the stars in the heavens." He smiled, knowing that this might be just her weakness.

She blushed even harder but then she shook her head. "You, mister, need to quit that and get some rest. You had lost a lot of blood and you act like that doesn't even faze you." She looked at him, sternly. "You…" she couldn't get out what she wanted to say. She just blushed and looked at his intense red eyes. '"You're eyes are so red and beautiful. They look like cherries."

He chuckled at her and that was when she realized what she had said. She growled angrily at him and stated to turn away but he pulled her down to him. He kissed her nose, then her cheek and all the while she was blushing crimson red. She had just met him and, yet, here she was letting him kiss her and letting him get to her. She as not going to let that happen but she was also letting it. He kissed her mouth, lightly, licking at her lips, his tongue begging for entrance into her mouth and he suddenly got it. He was startled but he deepened it, wanting to express to her just how much he loved her and had been watching over her. She felt butterflies in her stomach and all thought and sense went out of her head. She didn't know why she was letting him kiss her. She even deepened it further; all that she knew was that she had finally found what she had been looking for. Something she had dreamt of her whole life and it was staring at her in the face. She was going to be stubborn, yes, but at least she was admitting it to herself. Reality came back to her when Armand flipped so that she was underneath him. Her eyes went wide as she remembered his wound.

"Armand," she said, "your wound."

He kissed her neck, his tongue swirling on her pulse as his fangs appeared within his mouth. The heat went up at that and it was like she was burning. Alice didn't care that she might just give in to her body's demands but she was a doctor and first and foremost, he was still hurt. His hands were everywhere, exploring every inch of her. He nibbled at her shoulder.

"Ease it for me," he said passion clearly in his voice. She squirmed underneath him, her body going up in flames as was his. But her mind went into doctor mode and she knew he was weak. She pushed him and flipped them around. She then straddled his stomach, arms crossed, and she was looking at him sternly.

"Look, Armand, first we had just met and this, whatever you were trying to pull," she didn't want to name it at the moment, "is not going to happen at all." She didn't want to add at least until he was healed. "And second, you are hurt and lost too much blood. By right you should be sleeping or worse, dead." Her heart screamed at her for saying that but she was not going to give in to it. "You need to sleep, mister passionate, or I'm seriously going to report you to the police and put you into an asylum."

He chuckled at her, half smiling. "Alright, you're the boss. But I'll sleep only if you're near me."

She looked at him crossly and lay down next to him, yawning herself. He pulled her to him and he kissed her cheek. "Fine, but until you sleep."

"Alright, like I said you're the boss," he said again. Suddenly the call for blood swamped him. His lips kissed her mouth and on down to her neck. She smiled then, cuddling close to him. Her body as well as his went up in flames. His tongue swirled on her pulse once, twice before his teeth pierced her skin. He flipped again so that she lay underneath him for the third time that night as he drank. The pain was immense. Alice's eyes grew wide as she suddenly knew just what and who he was. He was a vampire, one of the night, the shadows and darkness was his playground. But whether or not he was a good guy or bad, she didn't know. She had heard of these people from her boss and that was one reason why she was switching to night shift, so that she could take care of not only the patients at night, but the vampires then too. And she had just meant one of them. But soon the pain gave in to pleasure and she moaned, wrapping her arms around his neck, pulling his head down closer to her.

Armand felt as if he was going up into the heavens and he was taking her with him. He drank, enjoying her melon and apple taste. She was everything. She was everywhere. He was within her mind, sharing her memories with her. He frowned when he saw that some of them had been erased. Whether it had been a psychic, a vampire, or stress and shock, he didn't know but he was determined to find out. He stopped drinking from her when he heard her heart start to get slower. He closed of the wound with his own salvia, a property that had been given to his people from the ancient Carpathian vampires themselves. He at least had received it in the hopes that he could bred and make his people know of the importance of humans within this world. They were not just food; they were lovers, friends, and family. It was not the vampires over the humans. Armand knew that his people can have little children and hoped that he might be able to have an heir some day when he decided to retire. Even though the vampire race was human in every perspective, they had to give up walking in the sun and drink blood to keep their immortality, as the humans calls it. Armand knew that he was going to die one day, but that was not until another five thousand or however more years to come. He would grow old just as any other human being; he just had a longer aging period. Humans can be converted as he was hoping to do with Alice and was hoping that she would love the idea of children. It would take awhile but eventually they could have children.

Armand hugged Alice to him, letting her sleep and to regain her blood. He lay back down on the bed, cuddling her close to him. His body demanded that he would take care of his needs but he was just going to have to be patient and understanding with her. He was not going to lose her to madness nor lose her to another person whether human or vampire. He sighed, using his telekinetic powers to close her window and all of the drapes with in the house, making it as dark as possible. He kept her close, his body wrapped protectively around her, as he gave in to sleep himself.

Author note: I realize that this story seems to be moving fast. However, it just came out that way. Don't ask. To those who have read Cracker Jack Prize, I will write more. i just realize that to me the story seems a llittle stiff so I have to revise it and make it seem not so stiff. But i'm slowly going to get it fixed. See ya later. -V