AN: ok! Her's the much awaited chapter four. This chapter might just explain a few things a bit. Enjoy!

Chapter 4

Erik came back into the bathroom to help Alice get Armand out of the bathtub awhile after the kiss the two had shared and Armand was once again asleep. She helped Erik hold Armand up as he dried him off then put cleaner boxers and at least pajama bottoms on Armand. Alice couldn't help but to stare at Armand's chest for awhile until Erik scooped the sleeping lord up and carried him effortlessly to the bedroom again. His chest was bare and Alice liked the nice six-pack he had as well as his nice strong arms. She blushed a little but she was not going to be shy about looking at it. Alice quickly went to her dresser and pulled out cleaner clothes for her as soon as she knew Armand was comfortable on the bed again and disappeared into the bathroom to get dressed. She came back wearing only a black tank-top and baggie dark blue pajama bottoms. Erik then helped her to turn Armand on his back so she could dress the wound again. Once done, she had Erik turn him back on his back and she sat on the bed with Armand's head in her lap. She reached for her brush on her bedside table and then began to brush Armand's hair. She hummed to him again, even though she knew he was deep asleep. She found that she liked brushing his hair too and didn't stop after awhile even when she knew it wasn't a tangle mess anymore.

"Well," Erik said, "I'm going to go get you something to eat. Keep your mind merged with his while you rest for a bit."

She smiled at Erik. "Alright," she told him, resting her head against her headboard, and fell into a doze. She didn't wake up till Erik brought in some soup for her. She ate it heartily, enjoying her brother's great cooking. Once she was done, Erik took the dish and she fell into another doze for awhile.

Alice woke several hours later as Armand started to whimper and his sick like state was back again. She quickly told Erik to go fill the bowl with cleaner, cold water and a new cloth brought to her. She hummed to him, as she entered his memories he was reliving and continued to analyze them. She helped him out with several of them, forcing the good memories through the magic of the dagger and showed him the good he has done. She stopped frequently to dab at his face and then continued on. Alice realized that after this was over, she was going to sleep for a very long time. She knew that because Armand's memories where long and troublesome and she felt like she was getting to know him through them, even though she felt like she was invading his privacy. Once through, he once again fell into a fitful slumber, a smile seemed to form on his lips however. It was then when she looked up that she saw the angel hovering above them.

"Well, hello," she said, ignoring the weird look she was receiving from her brother. The angel had bright white wings and a bright golden halo around his head. He wore white robes and a baby blue wrap about his shoulders. He also had bright blue eyes and long silver hair. He looked exactly like Armand and she then knew who it was. "You're Vlad, aren't you?"

"So, you can see me, Alice," Vlad stated. His voice was exactly like how Armand had remembered it, only it was lighter and more angelic.

"You've always been watching over him, haven't you?" she asked as the angel floated down to sit on the side of the bed next to her and Armand, her eyes followed his majestic movements. "You guard him."

"Alice," stated her brother, looking at her concerned, "are you ok?" When she didn't answer, he shook his head and muttered about the 'mysteries of his loving sister' before he left the room.

Vlad looked at the retreating form of Erik out the room. "He's worried about you," he said.

Alice looked where he followed, just catching the last bit of Erik's long brown hair leave in his wake. "Yeah, but he doesn't seem to understand my peculiar gifts," she answered. She then looked down at Armand and frowned. "I really don't think anybody can."

"But He does." Vlad looked upwards. "He was the one who gave them to you, Alice. And, given time, Armand will."

Alice looked up at him, on the verge of tears. "Do you really think so, Vlad?" she asked.

He looked at her, nodded, and smiled at her. "Of course. Armand has some peculiar gifts as well. And not just from his Carpathian blood. It's hidden deep inside of him, just waiting to come out. He just has to tap into them."

Alice looked at him. "Like his use of telekinetic powers, I know he used it to close those blinds."

"Something like that." He paused, looking at his brother. "He really does love you, Alice. And I'm only showing myself to you in order to meet you, the future mate of my brother. You and Armand are meant to do great things for the vampire race. You especially are meant to help him kill the one that haunts the vampire race. Stay with him, please, Alice. You are the only one that can help him understand himself." He started to float upwards again, but then he stopped and turned to look down at Alice. "And, Alice, thank you." With that he disappeared in a flash of light.

Alice looked down at Armand and smiled. "You really do have someone that looks out for you, Armand. And it's not just me."

Alice dozed awhile after that, content that what she was doing is right and a little more relaxed. She played with Armand's hair within her sleep not realizing that she was doing it until Erik told her when he woke her up for a little something to eat. Close to when she was finished eating, the sickness set in Armand again. She quickly gave the plate to Erik and immediately entered Armand's mind, shifting through his memories to show him that what he did was ok for him to do. Sometimes she told him that his decision was to protect his people and him from the hunters that are out there. She remembered one hunter that was completely dumb when he went after her brother and he never saw the light of day again, because Erik had been protecting her, her mother, as well as their father from the other hunters finding them. She shared several of her memories with him, showing him some things she has started to remember. That was when she started realizing that if she looked hard enough, she'll be able to remember. But every time she has tried to in the past, she would get extreme headaches and sometimes even pass out. She smiled down at Armand, knowing it was the work of his power somehow, though the essence of his powers was shaky at the moment.

She worked like that several more times until he came up to his recent ones, especially his decision to start following her around to watch her before meeting her. Armand kept think that he should be dead because he imposed on her….

Alice's eyebrow twitched and Erik, who had watched over her the whole time she was helping Armand, immediately moved out of the room and would of went out of the building itself if it wasn't for them needing him. He knew she was angry at something but he was not going to get into that with her.

'Armand Romanov,' she growled within his mind. Some how his emotions pulled through and he felt immensely tiny for some reason. 'Don't you even dare think that way! I wouldn't of been able to help you and you would be dead by now. Besides, I want to get to know you more and you better survive this or I will personally find a way to get to you, bring you sorry carcass back and then kill you myself.'

He laughed at her in his mind, breaking out of the daggers curse. 'Aw, but then what will you do if you don't find me?' he asked, casually.

'Oh, you can be sure I'll find you, he-man,' she answered, more so in a teasing tone then anything. She then started to have tears in her eyes. 'I don't know what I would have done or what the rest of the vampires would have done if you had died.' She hugged his head to her chest, not knowing that he was awake and looking up at her. 'I couldn't loose you, Armand, especially since I want to get to know you, to… love you, maybe as well.'

'Alice, you don't…'

She just cried and he moved slowly to pull her to lie beside him. He wrapped her up in his protective arms, letting her know he was there for her and not going to leave her any time soon. She wanted to tell him off about his trail of thinking but she soon succumbed to her exhausted body's demands: she fell into a fitful sleep. Armand felt like his heart was soaring and he knew he could never leave her even if she wanted him to. She was just going to have to get to know him and he hope that with time she would come to love him. He too fell into a fitful sleep, sharing his fantasies about children and a nice loving home with her.

Armand woke up within the next few days and was greeted by Alice snuggling closer to him. He held her to him but the call for blood was getting too bothersome. He couldn't go on with the blood that Sergei had brought and he was practically within his full power. He moved slowly out of bed, so as not to wake her before stretching and looking around him some. It was night and he could tell that the window was opened a bit. He smelled Erik somewhere within the apartment and moved slowly to the kitchen where Erik was talking with some one else.

"But, Erik," came the voice, female and definitely familiar, "I can't ask the Council for a meeting with Lord Armand without giving Leslie the knowledge that he's still alive. She watches their moves closely and they feel trapped. They all know he's alive, but Leslie is just trying to get her way. They can't find him their selves without giving that information away. That's why Master Henri sent me to find you and to see if you know where he is."

"Ginny," Erik stated, "I already told you that I'm not without liberty to say. My sister knows and refuses anyone to know besides Master Sorin and me. Alice and Armand are the only ones who can tell you."

Ginny sighed. "You mean to tell me that your half-bred of a sister has power here that is beyond your control." She spat out her comment out in disgust.

Armand was so furious with the female vampire that he literally flew into the kitchen and had her pinned against the wall besides the cutting board and Alice's lovely array of kitchen knives. He had death within his eyes that both Erik and Ginny shuddered in fear.

"You will not talk about Alice that way again, Ginny," he gritted, trying to keep his full power from hurting the vampire even though she did cause it on herself. "She is my mate and you will treat her as such half-bred or not."

"Armand," stated Alice groggily entering the kitchen, rubbing her left eye. Armand's heart moved at the sight of her and he let Ginny drop to the ground. "What's going on?"

Fully aware that he could of killed one of his own within her presence, he flew out of the opened kitchen window. Alice looked stunned and looked at the two other vampires in her house. The red headed woman sat rubbing her neck where Armand had his hand to pin her against the wall and Erik just crossed his arms and shook his head. Alice glared at the two, putting her hands on her hips.

"I demand to know what went on here," Alice said and then pointed at Ginny. "But I want you first to tell me who you are and what you are doing here."

Despite her best wishes, Ginny started to do what the little woman, in her age respect, wanted. "Well," she started, "I'm…."

Armand just finish killing his second victim, leaving the carcasses in heaps in alley ways and not even bothering to make it seem like it had been a suicide or that the two thugs had token each other out. Erik tried to calm him and to get him to come back to Alice's apartment but Armand refused. Ginny tried to apologize but he blocked her out of his mind. He landed on top of the roof next to where he had fell and looked up at the sky. Funny how irony works out as it started to rain. He sat there without a shirt on and in a pair of his pajama bottoms he had kept leaving in Erik's suitcases they had token to Romania when they went to see Sorin. He stayed there until he heard her voice.

'Armand,' she said. Her voice was like sweet music within his mind and it helped to calm him. 'Look, it's ok what you did and I know you wouldn't of killed her. So stop beating yourself up and get your happy ass in here.' Her using profanity surprised him.

'I didn't know angels like you use profanity,' he said teasingly.

She sent him an image of her self rolling her eyes at him. 'Please, Armand, this angel uses profanity when she's angry.' She paused. 'Thank you, Armand.'

Her sudden gratitude surprised him as he silently moved back towards her apartment. 'What?'

'I coaxed Ginny and Erik to tell me what had happened and why you had left angrily. She was out of line when she said that and if I had been there I probably would of done the same, just not pinning her up against the wall though. I'm not that strong.'

Armand laughed, using the fire escape to enter her bedroom where she was finishing up switching the bed linen.

"But you can be when you want to, Alice," he said, his arms snaking around her waist. She stood up and lean against him.

"Well, at least where you're concerned, Armand," she said, turning within his arms to get a good look at him. "Vampires become attach fast just as my mother has always told me."

He raised an eyebrow then smiled, hugging her. "That they do. That they do."

She chuckled at him. "And since I am half, I've grown quite attached to you."

His eyebrow rose a little higher. "Oh?"

She looked at him and smiled. "You know what I'm talking about."

He buried his head in the crook of her shoulder, nodding. She just held him there for a moment, letting him enjoy the smell of her and the feel of her nearness.



"I wanna check you wound right now so go lay on the bed."

He grinned mischievously, moving to step close to the bed. "Are we going to do something after that?"

"Yes," she answered, manner of factly. "You can sit with me while I sleep. I'm still semi-exhausted from the ordeal we had." Immediately he felt guilty of what she had to suffer through in order to heal him. "Would you stop berating your self, Armand!" she stated, throwing her arms up in the air annoyed. "Sheesh, I don't regret experiencing that with you." She blushed a little. "And I got to know you through your memories and will continue to get to know you throughout our years together." She smiled warmly at him. "Besides, you've started helping me to get my memories back. Just look at how much I remembered and had shared with you."

She was right. Armand had seen her memories that she had shared with him and it never seized to amaze him how closely related their past seemed connected together somehow. He hugged her again, brushing a kiss on the top of her head before succumbing to what she had asked of him earlier. He lay on his stomach, head on his folded hand feeling her hands work with the bandage and touch his cool skin. She forgot his wet pants so when she was done, she moaned about them.

"My bed is going to need to be change again," she groaned. "I forgot it was raining out there."

"No problem," he said, using his telekinesis to shut the bedroom door and pull his pants off. He grinned mischievously as he felt her immediate embarrassment.

"Must you do that, Armand?" she asked him, blushing and shaking her head. "You show off."

Armand laughed. "I am, aren't I?"

Alice rolled her eyes. "I refuse to comment there." He watched her mind closely as it examined the wound. "Looks like it healed quite nicely. I have a small surgical scissors that I can use to remove the stitches with and it's just your healing ability that can take care of the rest." Just as she said, she grasped her scissors from her bedside table and removed the small stitches she had to use in order to help close the wound. She then smiled at her handy work as he flipped over on his back, smiling up at her. She tried hard not to look down towards his naked body and to only look at his face.

"My small miracle worker," he commented, smiling at her.

She bushed. "You flatter me," she answered.

He pulled her down to him and kissed her forehead. "But it is true. You are my miracle worker, my little bird. All mine."

His eyes glazed over as he brushed small kisses along her face and neck. She moaned, moving closer to him. She put her arms around his neck, instantly melting into him. She leaned back, giving him access to her breasts. He shaped the first one, playing with it, and making her nipples hard with want. She moved back to look at him, smiling, letting him know that she wanted this as well. But she shook her head as her eyelids became heavy and she fell towards him, asleep. He chuckled at her as he laid her down gently. He then closed the window and blinds using his telekinesis again as he lay down next to her even though he was not tired. He just simply held on to her, not wanting to let go. Alice woke a little forgetting to tell him something.

'Sorin said to contact him when you're up and moving, Armand,' she told him before succumbing to sleep once again.

Armand shook his head at her. He then followed the mental path to his sire to talk to him.

'Father, I'm alive,' Armand said. It was the first thing that came to his mind and he wanted to say it aloud to some one just to be sure that it was real and not some dream that his dieing mind had created.

'Alice did it then,' Sorin commented, smiling to himself, even though Armand couldn't see it. 'She is tough and brave. A keeper, my son.'

'I know.' Armand smiled, looking down at Alice's sleeping form. 'She is the stars and the moon. She is an angel and bringer of light to my lonely existence. No one could replace her in my heart.'

Sorin snorted at him. 'Of course not. She is your mate, Armand. She is also your blood-brother's sister and come from a very powerful lineage. Otherwise, she wouldn't be as powerful as she is. She was very unique powers.'

Armand was surprised at what he said. 'What do you mean, father?'

'Well, first of she can sense things that are not there, seemingly to us. She can communicate with ghosts and even know how to help them. Erik told me that she can talk to angels as well. Very special when your mother is an angel herself.'

'Interesting. I think that I'm going to have a tough time with her and wanting to help the ghosts that are around her when we go to places.'

'I seem to remember a time when she had forced her brother into stopping a car once near a haunted house and helped a whole household of ghosts once. Completely drained her to the point were she slept for days at my house. But that is not why I needed to talk to you, my son.'

'What is it?' Even from as far way from Sorin as Armand was, he could still sense the worry that radiated from Sorin.

'The hunters are gathering once more and with one of our own to help them.'

Armand was stunned. 'What? One of our own? It can't be. Father, how can a vampire help the human hunters to defeat us?'

'Quite simply actually. Kill the Lord in America, win over the Council, led the Council to their deaths so the last ancients in America are dead, lead the fledglings to their deaths by attacking the Carpathian vampires located in Romania, and then lastly led the hunters in a huge force to the Carpathian Mountains to kill the Prince and take over the vampire race, quickly leading it to extinction. It's a matter of mind over matter, son.'

'But the Prince is not that capable of being killed off. If they first kill his mate, they would only end in their deaths.'

'And the rest of the world with it. He would not be able to hold of his wrath and thoughts of revenge if she gets killed. That is why she is always protected.'

Armand frowned, knowing that he would do the same if Alice was killed. Armand hugged his mate to him, feeling her warmth and nearness to him. She rose a bit from her sleep, sensing his disturbance. He shook his head, sending her reassurance, love, and warmth until she fell back to a fitful slumber. He kissed the top of her head, before going back to his conversation with Sorin.

'We must be ready for when that happens. But I don't think that Leslie could come up with something like this. I think that there is a hidden vampire behind her that she doesn't know about.'

'Then I suggest that you get healed more and get back to the Council. The fledglings need to be protected by their sires, and the ancients needed to take care of the hunters. Humans are simple minded and most of them will do anything to get immortality as they call it or fear what they do not understand.'

'I was thinking on going back within two days. I needed to get Alice better. If she is not there with me so I can claim her as my mate, the Council is going to suggest a vampire.'

Armand could tell that Sorin rolled his eyes. 'That Council thinks that because you're my fledgling you need someone to control the beast within you. Alice would be able to do a better job at it then anyone else. Anyways, I need you to ask Alice to do something for me.'

'What's that?'

'See if you can get her to remember the time when her father died and was attacked. I need you to see if she can remember her attackers name and what he looked like. It might take her some time to do that but I know that with you and Erik she can remember.'

Armand nodded. 'She's remembered a lot of things from her past and it's only a matter of time before she remembers all of it. I'll give her some time before I get demanding.'

'Good. And don't take too long, Armand. The entire vampire race depends on that memory and the two of you. Take care of Alice or you will suffer my wrath.'

Armand raised an eyebrow. 'What is this, my own sire going against me?'

Sorin chuckled at him. 'You may be my son but the happiness of my dear friend's daughter comes first. But I'm sure your blood-brother would take care of you if you hurt his sister before I can get to you.'

Armand shivered, causing Alice to move closer to him. He looked down at her and smiled. 'A crazed and angry Erik is something that I don't want to see, if it's pointed towards me.'

'There you go. Oh, and Armand, thank you.'

Armand was stunned. 'You're welcome, Father.' Armand then let go of the connection with Sorin and looked down at his beautiful bird. He pulled the comforter over the both of them and cuddled with her.