Walking out the door, she turned to face him,
watching the tears slide down his face.
"I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do."
She turned away, as silence filled her place.

Staring at her back, watching her go,
His sobs fall on deaf ears.
She keeps walking, moving forward,
leaving him to drown in tears.

He slams the door and turns away,
sliding to the ground.
Hopelessness creeps in his heart,
silent agony, the only sound.

Walking away she remembers the times,
the nights he held her tight.
The feeling of his arms around her,
now something she puts out of sight.

Wanting something else that's fresh,
she walks away from love that's true.
Her long sought fancy, her own love story,
thrown away for someone 'new'.

Her steps slow, she almost turns around,
thinking of him, the devestation she's caused.
Squaring her shoulders, she hardens her heart,
and moves off, as if she'd not paused.

Lying in bed, he grasps his pillow,
reliving the memory of her touch.
Walking away, she tightens her coat,
his pillow's the last thing he'll clutch.

'I wish you well, though you didn't for me.'
his note reads, below his hanging limbs.
She falls to her knees and desperately whispers,
"I never meant to kill him."