Don't Ever Speak

You are my slave,

You are my freak,

Keep your eyes closed,

And don't ever speak.

This is our secret,

Just you and I,

Tell no one, and

I will let you die.

Everyday is a drop

Into blood-spitting claws,

Every second, he's choking

In thunderous applause.

He gasps out the truth,

Vomits his true name,

But the world insists

On treating him the same.

Every time that he breathes,

His heart bangs inside,

And that's when he knows,

He has no one on his side.

And every sight that he sees

Kills him all the more,

He's a puddle in the rain,

Evasive to the core.

You will not escape,

My deceptive little friend,

I'll let you cry,

And let your wounds mend.

But learn it from now,

You can't deceive me,

I will always hear you,

I will always see.

He stumbles with every

Word that he says,

His world is now

A monstrous maze,

As always, he finds,

Himself all alone,

With only his thoughts

To chill him to the bone.

Friends are but shadows,

Fading into the night,

Leaving him prey

To the enemies of light.

So, he digs a grave,

His sweat dripping down,

And lies with the gravestone...

His final crown.

I told you, my precious,

I do not lie,

I will give you all

You could want once you die.

And you are my slave,

And you are my freak,

So keep your eyes closed,

And don't ever speak.