Sonnet on Winter:

The skies are filled with noisy birds in droves

That wing their way to southern nests in coves

They shriek in anger at the cold that nips

Like a needle of ice on soft wing tips.

The rain in winter booms with sound when it

Falls with hearts of stone to strike at the ground

The powder snow freezes hard on the land

When clasped so tightly in its clammy hand.

The landscape sparkles with crystals of light

Which bounce from deepest cave in darkest night

The brown leaves in lacy frills dace twirling

Blown up by the wind in a gust swirling.

The fox is hiding with his coat of white

His black eyes watching to keep food in sight

The birds are not chattering in the trees

With empty bellies they sing silent pleas.

The warmth of the sun sends sparkles scatt'ring

A warm breeze sends the frozen leaves patt'ring

A glacial white shield the country guarding

Disarmed by colour the senses bombarding

The trees grow stronger with leaves that are lush

Sweet hymns birds sing, so replacing the hush

The glor'ious sun so long has been hidden

Now with strength has radiantly risen.