The Last And First Overmen: A Novel of the Last Superheroes

By Jave Harron

Prologue: Origin of the Archon

(Note: The following selection was taken from "The Spears of Liberty," the official biography of members of the Society for Justice and Democracy. Cynical commentary has been found etched at the bottom of the page.)

...The first superhero of modern America came from humble beginnings. Russell Richards was an American farm boy in the middle of the Dust Bowl. Having already been hit hard by the recent economic collapse, the dust storms had almost annihilated the farm he lived and worked on. Backbreaking labor and struggling to juryrigging parts for damaged machines were only the beginning. Even if the tractors and equipment worked, it would continue to wheeze around the stark and barren fields without any purpose. After all, even the latest farming equipment was worthless with no crops to harvest.

All of that changed one mourning on July 3rd, 1936. Awakened by an explosion in the dust-covered cornfields, Russell Richards saw strange lights and smoke coming from out in the field. A massive hole in the ground had been dug up. Curious, Richards left the farmhouse and investigated the crater more closely. The object had impacted the ground at a high velocity, forming a massive crater.

After surveying the damage for several minutes, Russell turned his attentions back to the metal object in the crater. The otherworldly artifact began to drone, and strange patterns of light appeared on the surface. Russell reached out at the object, and he felt a burning sensation inside his hand. The pain caused him to pass out. The following day, Russell Richards emerged a changed man.

He was no longer alone in his own body. An alien (but soothing) presence filled his mind, telling him of wondrous powers. The alien being called itself the Archon, and sought to help bring peace and goodwill amongst Earthlings. However, it needed a human symbiote to help it understand human emotions, language, and culture. He discovered his powers of flight and super-strength when he stopped a crop-duster from crashing. He discovered his invincibility when he stopped a bank robbery, and took the name he would share with the symbiote: the Archon.

Before and during the Second World War, the Archon would prove to be the leading meta-human in the United States of America. Afterwards, he would emerge as the figurehead of the NATO-linked Society for Justice and Democracy, a coalition of metahumans from America, Western Europe, and other allied countries. Even when compared with fellow SJD-founders Tercio, Union Jane, Zeitgeist, and L'etonnant, the Archon would arguably remain the world's premier metahuman...

Addendum: The Archon was America's first metahuman, and would later become its last. The events leading to the demise of the Archon would mark the end of the era of the metahumans assuming the roles of guardians of the public. The so-called "era of the superhero" was about to end violently, and the Archon had always been the key.