Legalised Robbery

The man he took all that he wanted and he headed down south
The man he took everything and he headed down south
He never did no stabbing no he did it all by mouth
The man he never sliced it up he did it all by mouth
So now he's running free in a faster motor-car
With a classy dress - meant to impress - and a really big cigar
Cruising down the long paved road of highway number eight
This man never cared about the depreciation rate

I'm standing here and shouting: "why are you in such a hurry?
We cannot catch you now there is no need for you to worry
The court of justice is bought up and now they play your game
Remember now that you're the one to make insurance claim
You can legalise robbery, just pull the right strings
This is legalised robbery, I bow - you are my king

He bought the court he bought the law he bought the devils claw
He bought our God and caged him up and made the man withdraw
The priests they are now praying to the very devils lawyer
The unemployed are round and looking for a decent employer
Those with work are out in the street in an enormous strike
Take a hike 'cause this is worse than the Second Reich
No one care and those how do they can not raise their voice
The man he has bought everything, yes, even their rejoice

I'm thinking of a word but I can not remember
I ain't allowed to think 'cause I'm not a committee member
How the hell can I stand up against his overwhelming power?
While civil rights are running off in a thousand miles per hour
I cannot kill a man who can legalise robbery
I want to kill this man because of his intolerable snobbery

Now I'm the one who's driving south in a rusty car
I'm almost out of gas and I won't be getting far
The only thing that I did wrong was independent thinking
In my rear view mirror I see the sirens blinking
Corruption is the word, yes now I do recall
But now it's time for me to stand up against the wall