You're The Best!

Cheer up! Just smile,

And be carefree,

Life is too short

To take seriously.

Live all your dreams,

Don't hide them away,

Love every person,

And zoom through each day.

Even if someone,

Hurts you quite deep,

Don't torment yourself,

And take it to sleep.

Instead, reflect

Upon each cause,

Take each moment,

And then pause.

Remember the good times,

Don't feel down,

Know that I'm there,

So wipe every frown.

A loyal friend,

What more could you need?

So please be nice,

And do a good deed.

You're special,

Even if you don't know it,

You're clever,

Even if you don't show it!

If you believe

That you can make it through,

No one can stand

In your way and stop you.

Life knocks you down,

But you must always try,

To take back control,

And break every lie.

Live to the end,

With no regrets,

So cheer up and smile,

Because you're the best!