"Night's Depression"

As I stand beneath the blessed moon

I wait for your appearance.

Looking left,

Looking right,

Hoping you will come soon.

The moon shines with her brilliance

As she lights up the black asphalt river.

Behold, my wishes are granted

As I see a black figure turn down the street.

I walk towards it, knowing who it was,

Never fearing different.

You take my hands when I reach you,

Placing your forehead on mine.

I try to figure out what to do

As the moon observes from above.

She tells me not to leave you out

And I try to obey her request.

But you don't want to listen to me

As I try to help you out.

You push and push, wanting to get away.

I try to stop you but it's no use.

You go, I cry.

My only witness to my tears is her.

The one who's gentle shine tries to comfort.

But it's no use to hold back the tears

And I cry, my tears basking in her glow.