Chapter I: Broken Vows

Standing on the deck as the ship was on its final docking procedure at the port of our destination, I was amused at the antics of the badjoa's as they pleaded with the passengers still on board for coins or whatnots and diving into the sea to get whatever alms gets thrown their way. They are a cultural minority known to have great affinity to the sea, a tribe left behind the wake of progress and now relegated to begging alms at sea ports on every passenger ship that docks.

I usually toss out coins, or whatever extra money I have with me at the moment. But right now, as I look into their indigent selves, I thought they could use more than the coins that I have already thrown at them.

The sun was shining brightly, a promise of a glorious summer season ahead of me. But my mood was a polar opposite to this weather. I have been a wreck the last few weeks and whatever drove me to think that going with my best friend Jon to their beach house was the cure for heartache must have been just sheer stupidity on my part.

I grimaced as I saw Jon happily bounding up to me with nothing on hand except his cellphone as he called out directions to the porter on how to handle our stuff as we waited for the announcement for disembarkation.

I took another look at my approaching best friend. A smiled crossed my face as I gaze at him fondly. He slimed down since the previous year. Perhaps the most shocking thing he did after the whole Sebastian fiasco is giving up his cross-dressing ways but I definitely can't complain since he looks good in his straight-boy get-up. He seems lively, considerably happy now but knowing my best friend, I think he is still trying to cope with how he rejected Sebastian.

I sighed and turned to look back at the people swimming below. They look happy, contented with their loot for the day as they smiled and waived at us, their young ones jumping into the water and swimming languidly beside their make-shift boats.

"Ready to go?" Jon said with a big smile as he approached me.

I smiled back as sincerely as I can. I was having second thoughts about this trip but then again, I don't have much of a choice now do I, seeing that I am already on the island. A mere few hours to Jon's summer retreat.

We finally made our way to get out of the ship when I stopped and with a strong determination to make the most out of this summer, I grabbed onto the rail and shouted at the people swimming below. I snatched the leather necklace that I was wearing that has a ring on it, and with a last kiss bestowed on that memorabilia, I threw it to the open sea.

Jon's eyebrow rose a notch in response to my action but remained silent.

I smiled reassuringly at him as I walked down the ramp. Leaving the last trace that I have to the one person who managed to captivate my being.

Saying goodbye to the promise that we made to each other a year ago, symbolized by the platinum band that has his name engraved on it – a broken vow.