Chapter X: Loose

I picked up Jon and Sebastian right after I left the resort. We met up with Luchie and Czarina for dinner and I became the fifth wheel. A feeling that I was not partial to. I mean, I don't mean to be bitter but I can't help but feel a pang of jealousy every time I see both couples giving each other loving looks. I also felt guilty of the fact that both seemed to be subdued on their usual displays of affection for my benefit.

The next day, I was back at the airport. This time to send both couple off to Hong Kong.

"Are you sure about this?" Luchie asked me as we stood together in a circle and waiting for their flight to be announced for boarding.

"Yeah. Why not?"

"Marc, we don't want you to be alone. We're worried." Jon said, joining in on the conversation.

"What could I possibly do?" I asked annoyed. I get their concern really but It's not as if I cannot take care of myself.

"One, you could drown yourself in the tub or in the pool. Or you can jump off a bridge and get yourself squashed on the streets innards and all." Czarina supplied.

"Or you might decide to overdose on pills and alcohol, get into a car accident while driving drunk, you might slash your wrist and bleed to death." Sebastian added.

"Or I can just walk out of here and wish your flight to crash as you take off." I snapped.

"Seriously, do you honestly believe I have suicidal tendencies?" I asked in a rather loud voice.

All four of them winced in pain at my words.

"Suicide was never part of my agenda, yeah I might have thought about it at times but I am such a coward. I hate pain. And I do not want to die ugly for Christ's sake!"

I took a few calming breaths before I spoke again.

"Now you better go along and not complain. Shove you concerns away and have a good time there. Do not bother calling or texting me because I will not answer any attempts of communication from the four of you while you are all away on vacation." I looked at them sternly and glared at my cousin who was about to respond.

I softened my expression and a smile broke from my face.

"Now come give me a hug goodbye!" I exclaimed as I opened my arms to them.

What would any self-respecting gay guy, who is currently single (though not by choice), alone in a city far from home and has access to two additional bank accounts (Luchie and Jon handed over their ATM cards for my use) aside from his own do? Burn cash of course! Now, how fast can I drain their accounts?

Two days later, I am sporting a new hairdo, done by a Korean hair stylist who charged an arm and a leg but then again, I love the look. My hair was re-bonded, then cut a into a short shag that should look nice when it lengthens. I had fringes and my natural brown hair was died a deep black that gives out a bluish tinge under certain lighting. The hair, coupled with my tan made me look severe, darker, unapproachable. Again I loved it.

The new do needed new clothes, so I hit the shops to scour for something that would match the look. I bought several pairs of skinny jeans (not minding that they were girl pants), lots of tank tops considering that it was still summer and the summer in the Philippines is damed scorching, a pair of sneakers, a new pair of flip flops, and a couple of over-sized bags that I will be able to use for school later on the year. Then I realized that the stuff that I bought were all solid dark colors, black being the dominant shade so I went out again to buy shirts in varying style and color that speaks of life and vibrance just to balance everything out since I don't want to look sullen and depressed, even if I really am sullen and depressed these days.

It wasn't on my third day alone in Cebu that things started to pick up. I decided, in a fit of boredom that I need to get a life and not wallow. There is only so much that I can take from shopping and spending senselessly got old. Reading was such a bore and being alone for that long got freaking tiresome. I have never been left alone for this long. I am usually with Jon and out with other friends if I were back home. Or in the case of the past year, was always with Paolo.

Fuck! I mentally cursed as I thought of my not so lovable ex. I made a promise not to think of him. I still don't want to deal. I groaned at the prospect of going home to my room back home that will undoubtedly remind me of what I used to have.

To convince myself that I still actually can get a life on my own. I decided to hit the night spots. Driving Czarina's Vios (which was way easier than driving the truck) around the city, I cruised around for a place to get lost in. I found my way towards a place frequented mostly by Luchie and her friends the last time I was here, and I closeted myself in a bustling cafe trying to decide what it is I really wanted to do.

I was surrounded by people. Some were couples, most were in groups, and all dressed nicely. I rolled my eyes at their sickening display of straightness. I settled with ordering crepes and freshly blended iced tea and let my eyes roam around the whole scene in front me – smiling as I surrendered myself to what will obviously be a dissing game – all in my head of course since I had no desire to be thrown out of the joint.

While I was busy eating my delicate looking crepes, which by the way tastes like pure bliss, I was busy roving my eyes on the other patrons with my thoughts going crazy on them.

My eyes landed on a group of 3 girls. Two were super-model thin while the other was far prettier than her snobby friends but was a bit on the plump side. I find it laughable that every time she tries to take a bite from whatever she's eating, the two other women were trying to discreetly roll their eyes. Then there was this couple, a few tables away from the trio, who seems to have been set-up for a blind date. The guy was average looking, where the girl was plain. The guy was talking animatedly where the girl was sitting stiff, attention (and it looked liked feigned from what I can see) focused on her supposed date.

I tried hard to fight back from guffawing, otherwise people would think that there was a loon in their midst. I settled for a low chuckle as my attention was caught by a hand on my shoulder.

I looked on my shoulder where it was poked earlier and followed the shadow that fell on me and was met by a wonderful sight to my surprise. So instead of biting their head off for disturbing me and my people watching/dissing game I let out a smile. God help me, I think I also batted my eyelashes like some cheap flirt.

I am such a loser!

"Are you alone?" gorgeous guy asked.

I looked at him pointedly, glaring the obvious, but just in case he didn't pick that up, I responded with an affirmative.

"Great. So can me and my friends share the table with you?"

I just shrugged for an answer, knowing to well the the place was packed and I might as well be nice. Share a seat and win a friend, or something along that line.

For the lack of anything better to do, I went back to eating, head bowed down until I felt a little bit crowded in. I held my head up to see four smiling faces at me. Two cute guys who were obviously straight and two pretty girls who I think were their dates. I blinked. Wait. Where was the gorgeous one who asked if they can share the table with me?

Somebody poked me again to get their attention. This time, I turned to my left to see said gorgeous guy who looked even more beautiful up close. Clear face, no visible pores, kissable lips, laughing golden brown eyes, and OMG! He is so gay. What self-respecting straight guy would have that perfectly shaped eyebrows? Looks like someone just had their eyebrows threaded.

I smiled again at him and quirked an eyebrow. He grinned back at me and started the introduction. I only paid them half a mind, I only managed to catch that they were a group of early 20's and are currently working and having a night out after office hours. Oh and that his name is Enzo. On my part I told them that I was on vacation and alone and won't be turning 20 until the later half of the year.

I didn't pay them any heed after that. I just let their chatter drift through me. I was getting bored. They took away my fun when they joined me. I motioned for the waiter for my bill and paid it. I scribbled hastily on a piece of table napkin and when everyone was not looking I let it fall on the floor between me and Enzo and made sweet time picking it up. My head ended up on this lap and I felt him tense as I groped for the napkin and once I snatched it I picked up my bag and said my goodbye.

As I was about to stand up, I addressed Enzo.

"You dropped this." leaving the piece of napkin on his palm and walked away calmly.

On that napkin was my two mobile numbers and I swear he held onto my hand a bit longer than needed when I handed him the napkin.

I chuckled as I walked towards the car and as I was about to open the door, I heard Whitney Houston's Heartbreak Hotel playing on my phone telling me I have a text message.

I took my phone out of the bag as I slid into the car and closed the door. It's from an unknown number.

Where are you?

I smiled. Could it be Enzo?

In the parking lot.

I responded and added his name and number in my contacts list.

I'm standing outside the cafe. What car?

I set the phone aside and drove the car towards Enzo who was indeed standing outside the cafe.

I messaged him to get in the car and in less than a minute he was inside and kissing me like crazy.

Who thought that it would be that easy, no?

The kiss was flavored. From the sweetness of my crepes to the spice on whatever he ate but it was not gross. The kiss was urgent and hungry and as we parted for air panting I smiled at him.

Enzo leaned over to me again for a quick peck on my lips.

"Where to?" I asked.

"Anywhere." He said.

I smiled again as he gave another peck on my lips, this time biting on it just a little.

We ended up going to Luchie's condominium. And guess what we did? We prayed together. Not! Well if you consider kneeling in front of the other as a form of worship then perhaps we really did pray. Needless to say, I got to know Enzo a little bit better that night.

I met Enzo Tuesday night and we were together having dinner the following night before Jon and company is scheduled to come back. I was straight to the point when I asked him where to go to meet other guys. He at first remained silent until I told him that I was on vacation and that I just broke up with boyfriend so I have no plans of going steady with someone anytime soon. He understood and was game enough to accompany me to this bar known to have 90-95 percent gay-male patronage.

As we walked towards the bar, I can feel eyes trained on us. I admit we were quite a sight. Enzo as perfect as he is standing a couple of inches below 6 feet was dressed in long-sleeved, black and white stripped sweater shirt thing with nice fitting dark jeans and black loafers. Me on the other hand was dressed in a slim fit dress pants with a dark green sleeveless shirt that leaves the chest exposed and is tied with a sash on the side and a comfortable pair of leather thonged sandals.

I can feel the heat wave rushing towards us as we stepped into the bar. It was considerable populated for a weeknight and I immediately scanned the place for possibilities.

Enzo bought me a pitcher of a frozen cocktail I forgot the name of and told me that I can have it on my own since he won't be drinking due to him having work the following morning. We hanged out at the bar where we have a good view on the goings on on the place. Enzo also pointed out to me some cuties and even hotties and of course those whom he thinks should not be given any thought or time of day. My pseudo-date left me alone claiming the need for sleep but before he left I made sure that he gets compensated by a very hot and public make out session with me.

There is some sense of freedom as you just let yourself loose on the dance floor and let the rhythm lead you on. It's exhilarating. It's invigorating.

I finished my second pitcher of that cocktail and I found myself dancing alone, just feeling the beat flow into me. My arms were flailing wildly, my hips shaking, my hair was a mess and my eyes were closed as I danced on my own in the middle of the dance floor.

From time to time, I open my eyes to see what's going on around me. People were still dancing. In groups or by partners. There were those who were kissing more than they were dancing. And there were those who looked like they were humping instead of dancing. I smiled to myself as I bobbed my head to a new tune and continued dancing by myself.

A few more songs later, I was pressed up to between two guys. I really did not have any idea where they came from. But I can feel how excited they were. The person in front of me was rubbing his stiffy into my own groin and I let out a moan. Through alcohol clouded eyes, I can still see that the one in front was average in looks and in body but judging from the pressing length and hardness that was poking into my midsection, the thing down there was anything but average. The guy on the back was toned by the feel of his body on mine and not bad looking at all when I turned around to face him and rub myself at him. His moan was more than enough encouragement on my part to grab his head to my level for a kiss.

We didn't talk. We just danced. I kissed both guys alternately. Two sets of hands were shamelessly groping me while I tried to keep up with my own wayward hands. I disentangled myself in between the two and made a bee line towards the rest room and relieved myself and of course took one look at my state and furiously washed and dried my face. I didn't look better but I was at least feeling less warm.

Guy number 1 who I found out was named Eric caught up with me in the rest room and after a brief introduction I was pushed into the sink as his mouth claimed mine. I again managed to extricate myself from his grip and headed out and stationed myself back into the bar where I ordered another pitcher of the same blue cocktail. Guy number 2 snuck up on me and introduced himself as Rico and he kept dancing in front of me while I was sitting on the bar stool.

I stayed in the bar for another hour until it was 3am and I only had a few more hours before Jon and the rest of the guys will be arriving from their Hong Kong trip. I need to be in the airport late in the afternoon so if I need to make haste if I am going to indulge myself in not so wholesome activities and then catch some sleep.

Eric and Rico were both standing on either of my side and each were skimming their hands over my body. I think the sash got more than a little loose in their fondling. I stood up and realized that I was at once dwarfed by guys taller than my 5'2 and adjusted my shirt. I shouted that I was leaving and walked out. I was halfway towards the car when I heard bickering behind me and true enough, it was Eric and Rico, my collage age dancing buddies, arguing on who was going home with me.

"Guys." I said to shut them up. "Have you ever heard of the word compromise?" I continued as I smiled to both of them.

Rico smiled and nodded his head while Eric looked quite in shock in what I was not so blatantly suggesting.

I pressed the button to unlock the car and got into the driver's seat and two doors slammed after mine and guess where we went and what we did?

Perhaps one of the most erotic thing that you can experience is seeing two adorable guys naked and kissing with your hard on in between their mouths. That thought left me with a smile as I remembered the things that we did once we got home. I was snuggled in between Eric, who's head was on my chest and Rico whose chest is currently pressed on my side. I was smiling a satiated smile when I heard 'Save the last dance for me' playing on my phone signaling that I have a phone call. I managed to get myself away from my still sleeping bedmates and answered the call.


"Marc." I heard Jon's voice come into the line.

Fuck! I was supposed to meet them at the airport.

"Is it time already?" I asked.

"No. We're still in Hong Kong. I called because we wanted to inform you that we are leaving you for a little longer than expected."

"Wait. What?" I sputtered.

"I"m sorry honey." Luchie came into the line. "But we decided to go to mainland China from here and we won't be back for another week or so."

"And what the fuck am I gonna do here alone for another week?" I snapped.

"Don't worry, we'll bring you lots and lots of stuff from here. Promise." Jon said as he snatched the phone from my cousin.

"Yeah. Yeah. Whatever. Don't give me that God made the world and everything else is made in China crap." I said sullenly.

"Hey! Cheer up. We have a surprise for you so you wouldn't be alone until we come back."


"That's for you to find out. Just wait for it. It will be there shortly." Jon said and then I heard all of them yell 'bye' and then the call dropped.

I dragged myself back to bed where I noticed its other two occupants were busy rousing themselves in a rather kinky way. I went into their embrace and we made our sweet time rediscovering each other's body.

An hour later I was coming out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel while trying my best to pick up all the strewn clothes. Both guys should be coming out of the bathroom any minute as we shared the same bath, or as soon as they are relatively dry.

I had both their clothes on one of my arms as one hand was holding the towel secure on my waist as Eric and Rico came out of my bathroom looking as delectable as the night before. I smiled wickedly at them and they both grinned back. The playful mood however was ruined when somebody opened the door to my room and yelled surprise with so much fervor.

Both boys clamored for anything that will cover their nakedness as my mouth literally dropped together with my towel at the person standing on my open door.

Guess who was standing in my doorway with arms outstretched as if for a big warm surprise welcome but instead got the surprise of his life by walking into a room with three naked guys?

Guess that would have to be my surprise as Jon told me. I just rolled my eyes and walked over the door and shut it on his face.