The moon is bright, I'm burning matches and

The moon is bright, I'm burning matches and I'm

Thinking of you, lying there, feathers tangled in your hair and

It's all that I can do to keep myself from wanting you.

The night is dark, the sky is whole and

I'm finding you lying there, stars entangled in your hair

In constellations, I've created, bitter, saddened, torn and jaded

Dreams of wings and ancient shrines.

You're on the altar, lying there, snakes entwined within your hair

Waiting for a votive prayer. Even gods could only stare

On flesh of marble, eyes of pearl.

Dropped like jewels, you're laying there, garnets knotted in your hair

In mazes, labyrinths, webs and nets, rippling on like old regrets

Through river passage and your mind

Only I can easily find

The idolatry of such a stone

Which could love me and me alone.