Here is a poem a wrote that planted the seeds in my head that would later sprout into one of my longer stories, call Harsh Scenes of Different Stars. I think it's probably confusing to anyone other than me, so some feedback would be grand.

A Flower Said.

By Aleksy Lorraine

With little but belligerent steps,

Frustrated demonstrations of those who wed-

The sky. In dreams, a flower wept

Harsh scenes of distant stars.

Courtship dire in thins webs,

Of social calamities and dread.

Wondering, briefly,

of things unsaid.

Generating and perpetuating

A purple stream of indulgent-

Lies. Lingering scents of

The putrid undead.

Adoration, rooted and seething

In the deepest of emotional-

Pathos. Harken the call of

Those who neglect.

The flower who wept

The flower who wed

Harsh scenes of distant stars.

Thanks for reading!