You wear your routine like a plaster skin

Circuitous conversation wears a track in your head

If you saw my heart unlcothed and bare

Would you need to look away?

Listen to its whimper shudder song

Growing restless in its sleep

Metronome monotony shackles your footsteps

At least you wont lose your place or slip

With your pre-written script in hand

At last you've found a crutch to cling

As you limp patterns in the sand

the least of us could say what's right so long

As it's said in unison

So long

Sweet memories, glistening dewdrops that gather

In early morning, splashing crinkled pages

At the edge of my mind

I clench them in a trembling fist

And pull them over my eyes

I roll over and try to sleep

Such sanctuary is hard to find

When the day rears its ugly head

And wails the cry of a newborn babe

Disturbed from its womb

Will you rush to greet it

With a hug or with your back turned in apathy