Here's the deal: We can't all be heroes, but maybe, just maybe, we can be one in our own little world. I'm no hero and neither are a lot of others, but we all have the potential.
I used to see some odd things, things I tried not to notice. These things ranged in size similar to humans, but were black. Black like the night with out stars or a moon. I used to see them in groups; sizes would also vary, anywhere from 5 up to 10, or even more. But what are they? I've questioned it for a while and I recently saw another one.
This one was tall and slender. Also black but I believe I saw eyes which would be an absolute first. Before the others had black eyes as well if they had eyes at all. I used to see them in the woods near my house, across the street really. They hang out in the trees and in the tall grass. Sometimes I think I'm just seeing a shadow of a turkey vulture but when I look up there is nothing. Just a clear blue sky. They hide in the shadows of buildings though not as numerous as at night inside, or in the forest. Sometimes I think I'm just going crazy, maybe I am. But if I'm not then what the hell are they? And what exactly do they want? I don't know about other people seeing them but I sure hope I'm not alone here. I even hear people talking at night in my house. But my parents are asleep and since I live on the first floor of my old farm house I'm able to walk around and not wake anyone. And one night while trying to find the voices I walked in the living room and saw one. It was tall and also very slender like the one I saw recently. He also had eyes which were white like paper or a bright light. I'm now thinking this is the same one I saw the other night. If it is I'd like to try to communicate with it. If that's possible. But if I cant I would just like to see it again more clearly this time. Maybe I should try to watch it, see what it does. They also shine lights in the windows of my room. I used to believe they were just passing cars but after several nights and not hearing any cars or motorcycles pass by, I began to wonder. What are the lights for? Recently with in the last month or two I haven't seen any light and have only seen one other being. Are they seriously just in my head or are they real and just leaving slowly? Either way I find this interesting. I find it interesting that I see these things even if they aren't real. My imagination playing a trick on me, ha-ha. That's funny to think that now. For the first few weeks to the first month or two of homeschooling I noticed these beings. Maybe this was all based off the fact that I had not been with kids which I have been used to for more than 10 years. I was always taught in the religious schools that only god and angles exist along with people. Well I don't believe that shit for a second. And I'm not even sure these things that I see are real. And I'm seeing them, and yet I've never seen angles or god or the devil. I don't know what else to say other then this is odd and I'm going to be watching and waiting for them. What ever they are they wont win and they won't get what ever it is they want. My friends and my family think I'm crazy when I talk about this.