My Creed

I, Laura Ferraro, promise to somewhat change my ways.

I promise that if I am treating people with more respect than they have for me, it will end.

I promise that if I am not treating people with enough respect, I will lay off and make myself scarce.

I promise that I will no longer be around much. I will make myself scarce when possible, locking myself in my room and only coming out to eat and "excrete".

I promise that the only things I will put first in my life for now on is my studying, and with a close second of sporting commitments.

I promise that I will not ask for un-necessities and "special treats".

I promise that if I get angry with you or frustrated with you I will go away, shut up, or o as you please.

I promise not to be my previous self, constantly telling you that I am a teenager and have a right to be emotional at times or angsty. I will now hide my emotions for the benefit of all.

I promise to not be excited or happy around you anymore. Because then for some reason it has always been your duty to bring me right back down again.

I promise to only eat at mealtimes, and not eat when I can. If I am thinner maybe you'll like me more. I'll certainly like me more.

I promise to not go out and do things with friends. Such a waste of time.

I promise to listen to the teacher and not waste time at school.

I promise to have all my tasks in on time.

I promise to be quiet and work my hardest.

I promise to never be myself again because it hurt too many people.