Future Outlook

Until 2020
Changes will be plenty.

Some of them good, some of them bad
I can definitely assure you that.

First of all, we'll skip a season
And of course, this has a reason.

Who needs winter, anyway?
It's cold, it's dark, full of decay.

So let's go on like that and see
What in the future will be.

Let's poison the climate and make sure
That global warming can endure.

By 2030 – and that's the right number –
We will enjoy endless summer.

Who cares about starvation, suffering, disease
As long as our tan's not going to cease.

And what about AIDS? That'll be outdated then
New viruses provide us with challenges, man!

We need new challenges, a new frontier
Otherwise life would be boring in here.

So let's check out countries of poverty next
On behalf of a resources-context.

Let's cover things up and pretend to save peace
While we smuggle oil barrels out of these.

By 2040 that won't work out
For there's no more oil we could be talking about.

By then, our focus will lie on water instead.
Drinking will be a luxury – that's a fact.

And isn't it ironic, though
That at the same time we'll be drowning in a row?

Since winter said bye-bye by then
Snow melted and floods doubled as quickly as they can.

Masses of water, yet nothing to drink.
To comprehend this, one needs a shrink.

By 2050 the earth will be ruined,
Time for us to get another planet tuned.

Let's take a look at Mars or Venus perhaps!
Of course, we will have to draw some new maps

And make some distinctions whose land this will be
And first of all – who'll be allowed to flee?

Since this place is overcrowded already
We'll have to keep our new population steady.

How about birth control, only the best of the best
While we skip the disabled, the poor and all of that rest?

No, wait, that would still be too generous, right?
So let's create and clone the perfect race over night!

Let's play God and work on a new Eden
Though the Bible's the last book anyone will be reading.

Since by 2060 there's no one left to believe
Because mankind forged hell, and no relief.