I built my love out of star dust;

out of yesterday and a hope of tomorrow.

I saw a flash of sky through the trees

and stars burst into motion,

turning and crashing in orange flames

that rose through my body

and kindled my love.

We laid together and watched the stars,

who bowed before us

and played like soft violins,

trembling with ebony music

that filled the spaces between our beating hearts

and made them warm and unbearable and electric.

The air around us hummed and glowed

and fireflies danced around us,

casting our contours in the glow of

love? lust?


My fingertips are buzzing with the notion

of you-

your skin, which binds your muscles,

strung to bones by twining tendons,

is a mystery to touch.

There's a magic in your DNA;

a symmetry in our biologies,

our bodies composed of chemical compounds

that burst into a fluttering life,

borne in the flames of a star

that flung atoms together

and strung protons and neutrons

on a necklace of destiny,

diamonds of cosmic debris.

The components of our blazing bodies

were flung in spatial currents

and drifted through Time until they

bore our existence and strung us together,

magnetic and insistent.

We are star dust from the same sun,

reincarnated across the eons,

wanting each other-

parts of the same whole.

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