Really Love?

Is this really

What one would call love?

Not one day goes by

Without me thinking

Of you

Everything I do

I think

"I want you to be here"

Is this called love?

I want to talk to you

To spill out all my secrets

I want to kiss you

I want you to hold me

Is this called love?

More than that

I want to continue

To be friends with you

I am afraid

If I admit my feelings

We will lose

Everything we have

Even if it isn't much

Is this called love?

You probably don't

Even return my feelings

But know

When you hold me

I don't ever want you

To let go

Is this called love?

My heart beats

So fast

Just thinking

Of you

It beats so loud

I can almost hear it

Oh, God

I think

I love you

But is this

Even called love?

Is it?