Belong to Me

By Sapphirefly

Today I dropped your keys on the floor

It was an accident as I came out of your old apartment

I was walking too fast and I lost them

Someone kicked them between the stairs and I couldn't find them

I can still hear the clatter in my ears

I wondered how I could tell you what happened

But it's too late to explain anything

I don't know where you are

The rooms of your flat were empty

There were only bits of paper left on the floor

Now I'm back at my place thinking about you

You always said you were too constrained here

You felt suffocated

Did I do that to you?

I never thought my love held you back before

Now I'm wondering if I belong to myself

Is my body mine again?

Is it okay if I forget to eat?

Is it okay if I forget to sleep?

You couldn't have left me with nothing

The clock ticks slow as I try to think it through

You were always the type to want to fly away

The only thing I can't figure out is the part of you

That you were going to leave for me

What part of you belongs to me?

I should feel like your thoughts stay with me

But I know you're thinking about the next curve in your road

So you've left nothing but your fingerprints on me

And now I know that it's okay if I forget to eat

It's okay if I forget to sleep