In the year 3503 AM nearly all of the known universe was controlled by The Great Atlantian Empire. Ashleaka, the heir to the empire was sick and tired of the arrogance, greed and corruption around her. The decision to destroy their mother planet, Earth, it was blamed for the corruption of the city's youth and labeled embarrassing. Ashleaka, disguised as a commoner, stole one of most advanced ships in the royal fleet and managed to save a few Earthlings before completely disappearing. All but Chance opted to settle on a planet similar to Earth. Ashleaka took on the alias Fredrica and is now engaged to Chance.

During their flight from the Atlantians, Fredrica and Chance found themselves needing help. They were able to get it from Suzanne and Chris, two rebellious youths out looking for an adventure. Joining the crew of the silver speed was a temptation they just could not refuse. Through many hardships these two childhood friends became lovers but it was not to last. Suzanne left to live out a more normal and simple life. Chris was heartbroken but able to find comfort in his new friends. The crew was also joined by two suspicious energy beings, Mordgar, called Morry by the others, and Felleash. Chance buys himself an android from the black market and names her Chihiro.

The year is now 3507. Our troop found themselves in the midst of the crossfire between the Atlantians and a small group of advanced invaders. During the confusion Morry and Felleash disappear without a trace for word to anyone. Just when the crew thinks they are in the clear, Fredrica breaks into what at first looks like a seizure … until space time starts to bend around her breaking a huge hole in the back of the ship. Everything but Fredrica turns to white and everyone but Chance is frozen in place so that to him the ship seems like a colorless wax museum.