Cover Mine Self

Crooked spine and crooked eyes

Call me evil and with the Devil's lies

Deformed face and deformed feet

Tortured and tormented, knock me down

Face with glowing eyes

Feet with toes like thick string

Bent arms and long finger nails

A forest is my home

I have no mask to cover my face

Your wish is my command

"Go away to the Devil's play ground

"Away from here where thy face haunts us

"Haunts our dreams and scares our children

"You are not welcome here where the normal lies"

Stalking away, I walk to my sanctuary

No judging eyes and no whispers of disgust

No faces of fright and no eyes of tears

Here I can be alone, here in my sanctuary

Shadows of the trees please cover mine self

Hide me in the darkness that I was born into

An eternity of waiting for release while I cover mine eyes

Shelter me as I wait here away from ridicule

I beg of you, Cover Mine Self