Chapter One: Conversing with the Blondie.

Riley Spencer ambled into the tightly enclosed room and found Dr. Milan leaning against the chair with her arms across her chest. Breathing in the familiar air, Riley sat herself on her usual blue chair and dropped her bag senselessly next to it. Riley observed the room intently even though she knew where every object was by heart.

"Hello Riley. How was your day?" asked Dr. Milan after a minute of silence.

Riley shrugged her shoulders. "The usual."

Dr. Milan grabbed the notepad and pen, hastily jotting down Riley's response. "Anything happen?"


Dr. Milan coughed quietly before saying. "Your mother told me something happened on the weekend. Want to tell me about it?"

Riley cursed her mother mentally then glared at Dr. Milan. "This is meant to be counseling. Not some doctor trying to butt into the client's personal life."

Dr. Milan lowered her glasses while raising her eyebrows questioningly. "Do you really think I'm trying to butt into your life, Riley? Just in case you didn't know, I'm here to help but I need you to cooperate with me."

Helping my ass thought Riley, as she started twirling a strand of her light brown hair around her index finger. She looked up from her finger while eying Dr. Milan in a bored way.
"I'm more of an independent person."

Sighing, Dr. Milan placed her hands against the desk leaning towards Riley. "What happened this weekend, Riley?"

"Nothing." Said Riley.

"Do you I look like a dumb blonde to you?"

Riley chuckled seriously. "Do you really want my answer?"

Ignoring the comment, Dr. Milan continued to stare at Riley holding her pen, ready to jot down Riley's quick response.

Surrendering, Riley sighed and stared out the window behind Dr. Milan's head and intently observed the trees.

"I'm guessing my mother told you about the mess I made in my room?"

"Your mother specifically quoted, 'Riley trashed the room so much that a terriost wouldn't bother planting a bomb because the bomb won't do anything.'"

"Yeah. Well, she was right for once." said Riley. "I was so angry that afternoon that I had to throw something, so I ended up trashing the whole room."

Quickly writing down Riley's answer, Dr. Milan gestured for Riley to continue.

"That's all, Blondie."

Dr. Milan rolled her eyes at the nickname and said. "What caused you to trash your room?"

"Someone pissed the shit out of me."


"I don't know."

Looking up from her notepad, Dr. Milan gazed confusingly at Riley. "What?"

"I said I don't know."

Dr. Milan asked. "How can you not know the person who supposedly, 'pissed the shit out of you?'"

"Because he was a stranger."

"So..." Dr. Milan paused for a second. "What did the stranger do?"

"He was born." Riley stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"No, I mean what did he do?"

"He pushed me to the ground."

Looking up from her notepad, Dr. Milan asked. "Is that all?"

Riley frowned. "What do you mean is that all? He pushed me onto the ground. Clearly only dickheads do that and I am not a fan of dickheads."

Dr. Milan shrugged her shoulders reassuringly. "I'm sure there was an explanation to it."

As if she was caught stealing a BMW sports car, she squirmed under the watchful eye of Dr. Milan before confessing. "Fine. He pushed me because a potted plant was about to smash into my head."

Dr. Milan's eyes widened. "Really?"

"Have you been listening to what I've been saying or do I have to repeat everything I say?"

Shaking her head, Dr. Milan promptly said. "No. No. I was just shocked."


Bringing Riley back to the topic Dr. Milan questioned Riley again. "So, what happened after that?"

Riley tried hiding the disgust she was feeling, but failed miserably. Instead she ended up making gagging noises. Noticing the redness creeping up her neck, Dr. Milan quickly covered up the silence between them.

"Is that all? He just pushed you onto the ground and you got angry?"

Shaking her head, Riley remained quiet.

Then she muttered. "He fuckin' kissed me."

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