-because he stopped loving me for the "college-experience"-

His words clawed at my heart

Like a rake

Cleared away all that we made

In order to make new trails

Cold, stripped, wretched me

Dangled from her roots

He ripped me from under rock

He wanted to explore the forests

Make new markings

Winter arrived early

He gorged on all my fruit


You said, when I asked

If you still loved me

If I was a flower, I surely

Would have wilted by your

Indifferent shadow

Well, I'm not a virgin anymore-

Are you happy?

Only you have walked that path

Nobody else has traveled

I'm afraid of the refuse they

May leave behind

I hope the other girls

Made the departure worth while

Their twiggy bodies and soiled


Like an animal, I'm sure

It's only for the sake of doing it.

Do it.

Go ahead.

I'm in hibernation. It's too cold out.

You will never see my spring.

In fall, you must gather what you can

And I have left you nothing

But my signs of new life.

-Rachel McCroy