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Here's chapter three, Enjoy:

I glared at Thomas; fighting down the urge to smack him.

"What did you do?" I asked

"Nothing," he said, innocently.

I scoffed, "Nothing, my ass. You just gave Coach an idea."

Thomas shrugged innocently as I continued to glare at him. But, I couldn't reprimand him anymore since Coach cleared his throat noisily and I was forced to glance at him, "Since you two can't seem to stop yourself from goading each other and you're distracting yourselves as well as the other boys, we're going to have a little contest. Now, before you both go attacking Tom here for giving me the idea, he really didn't. I've been thinking about it since tryouts started, he just recommended that I go through with it."

I turned to glare at the young boy, just because he didn't give Coach the idea, didn't mean he was off the hook.

"What is this little 'contest'?" I asked, deciding that it was in my best interest to go through this since I could prove to the arrogant jerk that I was on the same level as he was talent wise. Not that that would make him stop being arrogant, at least then I would have concrete proof that I could point to every time he decided to act like a bigoted ass.

"First, you and Jared are going to take a position over at third base and get ten ground balls each and whoever fields the most and throws them cleanly over to first base. Second, you will each take first base and have five balls thrown at you. Whoever does the best overall wins."

It sounded fun and interesting, I was just wondering why he was taking time to do this during tryouts when we could just wait until tryouts were over.

"Wins what?" Jared asked, trust him to ask such a question; always wanted to know what was in it for him before he did something.

Coach just shrugged, "Nothing more than the pride that you beat your opponent."

"Can't we do this at the end of tryouts?" I asked.

"Aw… are you so afraid that you suck so bad that you'll embarrass yourself in front of everyone?"

I should have known he would have a rude comeback.

"No, I would just rather not interrupt tryouts. That, and I don't want to embarrass you too much, since I know just how fragile you are."

"This is why, Victoria. You and Jared can't see to stop arguing for more than a couple of minutes. Like I just said, you're a distraction to yourselves as well as everyone else here. The sooner we do this the sooner you two shut up and stop fighting."

I highly doubted that, Jared and I have been fighting for a long time, even our parents friendships with each other couldn't get us to stop. But, I wasn't about to tell him that.

If this whole thing wasn't bad enough, Coach thought it a good idea to take a poll among of the boys to see who thought which one of us would do better. I bet you can guess who most of the guys said, yea… that's right, many of them (about fifteen out of the twenty) believed that Mr. Arrogant could do better and even though it wasn't implied, I had the distinct impression that they believed that just because I was a girl. Either that, are Jared intimidated them so much that they were afraid to say anything other than his name. I wasn't surprised really… even though it was annoying, it was kind of good at the same time since I was going to have a lot of fun showing them the error of their way.

Thomas volunteered to catch over at first base and all three of us made our way back onto the field.

"Ladies first," Jared smirked as he made a gesture towards the position while partially bowing to me. Ha… jerk, like he was an actually gentlemen. The idea was laughable at best. Jared Peterson was no gentleman, never has been and never will be.

I rolled my eyes at his antics and watched him, my arms crossed over my chest, as he took a spot over on the sidelines and leaned carelessly against the fence, his nonchalance about all this annoyed me a little bit, but that was the norm, so I just rolled my eyes and turned away from him.

"Ready Victoria?"

I nodded, immediately getting in the ready position, legs shoulder width apart, knees bent and ready to show these guys what I could do. The hit was a line drive a few steps to my left, a relatively easy catch to make, I just had to take a few steps before the ball made a loud smack as it made contact with my glove. Not a second later I had turned and fired it over to Thomas at first, was obviously not expecting such a hard throw since his eyes widened slightly before they were blocked by his glove catching the ball before it could smack him in the face.

"Wow, nice throw, Victoria!" Thomas complimented before throwing the ball back in "What? It was a good throw," he said when he saw the death glare Jared sent him.

I thanked him before I turned to smirk at the scowling boy, who was still leaning against the fence before getting into the ready position again, waiting for the next ball, which was a line drive that was headed directly for my face and it hurt when it smacked into my glove a few seconds later.

The throw that followed wasn't as good as the first, but it was still catchable, Thomas just had to move a little to his right to catch it, and I heard one of the guy's in the dug out ask if he could change his vote.

I smiled, looked like some were already seeing the errors of their ways and I made sure to tell that to Jared, "Looks like you're losing some of your fans!"

"That's only one… you won't be able to change the minds of any of the other guys."

"Watch me." was my reply to that.

Okay, so I didn't change all of the guys mind's, but by the end of my turn, at least five had reconsidered and while it wasn't the number I was looking for, it was better than none at all, so I would take it since it definitely was a step in the right direction.

Jared and I switched positions so he could take his turn and I watched almost bored as he managed to do just as well me the first couple of times, but he faltered around the sixth throw or so. Which was so bad that poor Thomas was barely able to catch it, he ended up being partly stretched to the right side of the base; a position that didn't look at all comfortable if his grimace of pain was any indication.

Poor boy, I felt sorry for him since I had been in that position several times myself and I knew how painful it was. Though, at least with me, I had train my legs to be prepared for something like that so it didn't hurt as much as it could, but since Thomas didn't, I could only imagine how much his legs were burning in that position.

It took him a few moments but he managed to stand back up and throw the ball back to Coach, I noticed that there was a lot of wincing and what looked like muttered cursing as he returned to his standing position, "Man, Victoria… how do you do that without hurting yourself?" he yelled across the field.

"Lots and lots of stretching," I replied, "But don't worry, Tom, the pain will go away soon."

"How soon?"

I shrugged, "Maybe an hour or two at the most, though it really depends on how flexible you are. The less flexible you are the longer it takes."

He didn't get a chance to reply before Coach hit the ball to Jared for his seventh grounder and he had to get prepared to catch it again and it as writing clearly on his face that he hoped the other boy didn't make him stretch again.

Jared finished without incident and Coach declared that we had both done quite well since neither one of us overthrew the ball, but that throw that Jared had made that made Thomas stretch was the worst, so I was considered the better one in that part of the little competition.

I smirked at Jared's scowling face as I heard several more boys ask to change their votes to me… that would now make it, ten again twelve, I was still the smaller number, but it was getting there and I was getting close to passing Jared in the number of supporters I had.

"You're celebrating a bit early, Clark… we still have to catch over at first."

"Oh… I know, I'm just pleased that I have proof that I can throw better than you."

Jared scoffed, "You just got lucky."

"Lucky? Ten times? In a row? Ha… I don't think so." I laughed, "You're just mad because I'm actually better than you."

"We'll just see who's better at the end, the competition isn't over yet."

"Well, of course not… but first is my position and I've been playing it for a very long time. So the likelihood of you being better than me is slim; not just anyone can play the position, you know; I think Tom showcased that nicely a little while ago."

Jared snorted, "Just because it's yours doesn't mean that you're better; it just means that you're the best that they could come up with for the spot. It doesn't mean you're the best."

I glared at him, wanting to give him the middle finger, but I knew that would do nothing but make him laugh which would probably annoy me even more. "Well, I guess we're about to find out who's better, aren't we?" I stated, "Are you sure you don't want some tissues, you know, for when you lose and all? I know how sensitive you are about these kinds of things."

Jared ignored that comment and instead nodded towards the first base position, since we had managed to make it over there during our arguing, "Ladies first," he said, fake bowing in the same manner he had done over at third.

"You know, I would be flattered by your gentlemanly actions, well… only if you weren't such a chauvinistic pig that is."

"That's an old insult."

I shrugged, "So? Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's not any less true."

"If I'm a chauvinistic pig, then that would make you a devout feminist, though… more like a feminazi with the way you act. I'm surprised you're not a lesbian. You've never had a boyfriend… for all that I and everyone else's knows, you probably are."

I stared at him, trying hard to fight back the tears of angry at his words. How dare he! How fucking dare that asshole say something like that to me? I took a deep breath and counted to ten in my head, needing to calm down before I did something he and I would both regret. But, it was hard… I never wanted to smack him so hard in my whole life… and the idea of kicking him in between his legs so hard that he became sterile was a very appealing idea at the moment.

"Is someone going to get into position or not?" Coach asked from home plate, where he stood holding a ball in one hand and a bat in the other, looking our way expectantly.

"Yea," I answered, turning on me heel and giving no more of an indication that Jared's words had hurt… a lot.

I wasn't a lesbian… I liked boys. Sure, I wasn't some psycho girly-girl who talked about them all the time, but that didn't mean I didn't like them, or want to be in a relationship with one at some point. I just had really high standards, it wasn't my fault that no boy at our school had ever been able to reach them.

I took my position standing right in front of first base, watching as Coach hit a ball over to Thomas now over at the third. The boy scooped it up easily and fired it over to me, the throw was a little off course, but I caught it with ease before straightening and throwing it back in. The next throw was right on and it slammed into my glove hard.

I got eight more throws, one of which I had to stretch for in order to reach, but I managed alright. When I was finished, I had caught every single catch thrown at me and when I turned to take Jared's place on the sidelines and wait out his turn, I smirked at him, "Try to beat that, asshole."

"With pleasure," he replied cockily.

I wanted to smack that jerk for the look he sent me. The look of pure cockiness and satisfaction which probably came about due to what he had said and my small reaction to it. But, I wasn't about to fall for the bait, so I kept my hands to myself and my mouth shut as I passed him. With his back to me, I mimic the actions needed to strangle the jerk, which made a few of the boys snort with laughter that in turn, made Jared glance back at me and I stopped and chose to cross my arms over my chest and look annoyed, "What are you staring at?" I asked.

I got no verbal response just a smirk from him before he turned away from me and got in position. A position that was totally wrong by the way… his legs weren't nearly far enough apart to straddle the bag which is what the first baseman is supposed to do. Nor was his weight on the balls of the feet either. He wasn't going to be able to move half as quickly if his weight wasn't there since he couldn't move as fast. It was odd though since he played shortstop he should know that already, since the position for shortstop was similar to that of first. But knowing him he was trying to make a "point" of some kind, though, what it was, I wasn't very clear.

When he had trouble catching the first couple of throws, I decided that I would try to be nice and give him some helpful advice. Though, I don't know why I even bothered, not only because he didn't take it, he just glared at me, but also because he didn't even deserve it in the first place after what he said to me a few minutes ago.

"Fine then… don't listen to me," I snapped, crossing my arms over my chest and glaring at the back of his head.

He ignored me, but continued to do poorly which only made me want to laugh because if he wasn't such a big-headed moron and listened to me, he would have done a lot better.

He missed a couple of them, which was enough for me to be pronounced as the better overall player.

"Ha! Told you I was better than you!" I gloated, smirking at him.

"This doesn't prove anything."

"Still don't want to admit it, do you?" I asked, "Oh well… everyone here just saw me kick your ass, so the proof is there, you're just too stubborn to admit it."

He just scoffed at that, "It was all just luck."

"Yea, whatever you say… had you bothered to listen to my advice on the proper first base position you probably would have done better then me. But, you're just too stubborn and hard-headed to listen to anyone, especially a girl. God forbid a girl actually know something that could be of any assistance to you." I snapped.

Coach giving the three of us a five-minute break while the rest of the boys got back out onto the field for more drills was what prevented him from replying. I made sure that he didn't have a chance to after Coach had dismissed us because I left for the bathroom right away and as I made my way off the field, I could feel the most of the boys eyes on me, I think they were quite surprised that I had turned out to be better than Jared who was one of the better guys out of the bunch. Though, I was happy that I had finally proven all of them wrong, maybe now they'll start to respect me a bit more. Well, some of them… I would expect that a certain big headed jerk would still give me no respect, but that was to be expected from him.

I walked the rest of the way to the restroom and after doing my business, I splashed some cool water on my face while I was wiping my face and hands off, I heard loud voices coming from outside the restrooms. Since, there were only three of us around I had a pretty good idea who they belonged to, but I crept closer to the door and opened in a crack just to be clear.

"You said what to her?" I heard Thomas' voice just outside the restrooms, on the other side of the wall that separated the bathrooms from the concession area.

"It's no big deal."

"No big deal? Jared are you insane?" Thomas asked, "Girls do not take lightly to be accused of being gay! I'm surprised she didn't smack you for it! I sure as hell know that if I had said that to Sam, she would've hit me so hard I would have had a black eye for at least a week."

"So what? She'll get over it."

Thomas let out aggravated cry of frustration, "You are such a fucking moron."

"You better not start calling me names; I get enough of that from her." Jared sounded annoyed.

And, I decided that I was done eavesdropping, Jared was obviously bragging about what he had said to me, as if he was proud of it. It made me sick and I just had to get away from him before I really did hurt him.

I walked around the divide between the bathrooms and the concession area, Jared had his back to me, his stance bored as Thomas talking to him "With the way you act? It's no surprise that she does it. If –" Thomas stopped talking when he saw me. After a minute, Jared turned his head to see what had distracted the other boy, his face was completely blank, no shock or surprise that I had probably heard most of what they had been saying.

I didn't say anything, not trusting my own voice to speak I simply glared at him while sending him the bird before purposely stepping around them, so I wouldn't have to touch him, and making me way back to the field. I could feel two pairs of eyes on me as I walked and, to be honest, it gave me the creeps, but I wasn't about to turn around and yell at them for it. It would probably give Jared exactly what he wanted, a response to his actions that he could actually use against me. He knew it had pissed me off, I wasn't about to make it worse by adding fuel to the fire that was already quite large.

When I made it back to the field, I grabbed my glove from the bench and went out to first, joining the two boys I had shared the position with earlier. I took a spot leaning on the fence next to the redhead who, after a few seconds of staring at me, finally spoke to me right before I snapped at him for looking at me at all, "Are you alright?"

I turned to look at him, "Yea, I'm fine."

"Oh," was his reply, there was an awkward pause and I watched as seemed to be thinking hard about something.

It had been silent for several more minutes before he finally seemed to make up his mind and decided to say something else to me, though, what came out of his mouth was a bit of a surprise, "I- I heard what he said to you."

I continue to stare at him, "Hear who say what?" I asked, though… I already knew, I just wanted to make sure.

"Um... I heard Jared tell you that you were…" he trailed off and looked a tad bit uncomfortable with the rest of the sentence, since his face turned to the ground.

His response made me wonder how he could have heard him, he was across the field in the third base dugout when me and Jared were at first base. As if reading my mind, the boy said, "I have really good hearing, plus… I can read lips. I didn't mean to, but it just looked like it was getting kind of heated between you two and well…" he trailed off again.

"It's okay. I'm fine, really… I am." I said, "But, thanks for your concern, it means a lot…" I trailed off, hoping he would get the hint.

"Jesse. My name is Jesse Fitzpatrick."

"Well, it's nice to meet you Jesse. My name's Victoria Clark, but most everyone calls me Vicky, well except for Mr. Bigot over there," I nodded to where Jared and Thomas were entering the field, "but, he doesn't really count anyway."

"If you don't' mind me asking –"

I looked at him, "If you're going to ask about why we hate each other, it's a simple reason really… he's a male chauvinistic pig. I guess it does go a bit deeper than that, but that's the gist of it. And, I would rather not go into the details right now. I mean, this isn't really the right time or place"

"Oh… I'm sorry."

I shrugged, "Don't worry about it… it's not that big of a deal. You're not the first one who's asked about it and you definitely won't be the last." Not many people know the full story of why Jared and I hated each other, most just knew that it had something to do with his arrogant attitude and my "stubbornness," though that idea is laughable since I don't think turning the jerk down when he hit on me in middle school was me being stubborn. I was just trying to prove to the little jerk that he was not Mr. Casanova and he could not have any girl he wanted; and that girls were not objects to be owned or claimed; we were human too and we had feelings. It's not my fault that he freaked out on me and started yelling at me and calling me names because I so much as dared to make a statement and that I didn't fall madly in love with him and his rather fake charm. I honestly think that's why he still doesn't like me now, it has nothing to do with the fact that I'm trying out for the baseball team, but everything to do with the fact that I openly rejected him back in sixth grade and poor little Jaredikins just can't stand to be so "embarrassed". He was a man, damnit and he would be damned before he let some girl (or "chick" as he referred to us back then, still does actually) embarrass him in such a manner. Yea, I think it's pretty moronic too.

I have no idea why he didn't try to pursue me more like with the other girls who rejected him the first time around. Not that the reason really matters, I'm glad he left me alone, the last thing I needed was him bugging me and trying to "woo" me or whatever the hell it's called. I would much rather him resort to name calling and other immature antics since it was so much more entertaining, his insults were bad back then too. And, instead of growing in intelligence with his age, they have grown in stupidity instead. Sad, I know. You would think the boy could come up with some newer insults, but all I get are the same old ones… about how I can't play sports and how woman aren't as good as men and blah, blah blah. I swear I sometimes do feel my brain cells dying off as he spouts so many stupid and old insults my way.

Many people think the reason why Jared and mine's hatred towards one another has grown so much over the years was my stubbornness and my refusal to stop yelling back at him when he said or did something that I didn't like. Had I just ignored him, he would have eventually grown up and moved on. Yea… right. Jared Peterson growing up and moving on? Ha, that's a pretty funny theory. Too bad it would never happen. I'm just as stubborn and hard-headed person as Jared is immature and stupid and I had every intention of fighting fire with fire since I wasn't about to let him get away with being rude to me without any consequences.

And, that is the story behind our hatred for one another. It's not very interesting or funny, for that matter, but there you have it anyway. It just a stupid little feud that has grown into a something more than just a simple argument that in turn led to me just downright hating him and him returning the feelings.

"It's your turn," Jesse's voice knocked me from my thoughts and I glanced up to see him motioning towards the empty spot that he had just vacated.

I took the first base position and got into position, waiting for the ball. I had every intention of ignoring the boy over at short for the rest of the try-outs today and the next two days of try-outs as well. Though, I should have known that he was not going to make it that easy.

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