Waiting my whole life for this moment to arrive

And with my time I finally feel my body come alive

It comes in waves and washes over me

Some are whitecaps of pain and others of glee

As the time draws near a pattern kicks in

A moment of relief before it's time to begin

A deep breath and push, deep breath relax

A deep breath and push, I've nearly reached my max

And just when I think the pain is too much

My husband's hand is waiting with a reassuring touch

A coaxing voice tells me, "just one more time, Dear."

So I push with all my might for I know the end is near

The pain is washed away by a high pitched cry

And as my body relaxes I release a mighty sigh

"It's a boy!" the doctor tells me as he hands me my son

As my husband and I look at him our words begin to run

While with our mouths we praise him we both know that it's true

Newborns look like monkeys we can see this through and through

The doctor takes him back to get him washed and weighed

And with the passing of adrenaline I soon begin to fade

One last order of business before I fall asleep

My child's name is Ethan, this name he will keep.